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Ferries to Italy

One of the most popular and well known places in Europe to visit, Italy is the perfect place to come for a mixture of history and relaxation. With a deep history dating back to the Roman period, and home to a rich and varied landscape containing mountains, lakes, and expansive coastlines, it has never been easier to visit Italy by ferry.

There are over 28 destinations providing ferries to Italy, including ferries within Italy, the Aeolian Islands, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, and many of the different groups of islands within the Mediterranean, and there are up to 12706 ferries running per week across 350 different routes, so book now with Direct Ferries, to find the best ferry at the best price for you.

Frequently asked questions about travelling by ferry to Italy

• How long is the Ferry to Italy?

Ferries to Italy can take between 10 minutes and 57 hours, depending on the route, the operator, and weather conditions.

• How much is the Ferry to Italy?

Fares are defined by many factors, including time of year, ferry route, ferry operators, whether you are bringing your car, and so on, so there are multiple different ferry fares available.

• Which Ferry Companies go to Italy?

Ferries to Italy are currently provided by 31 operators, such as Alilauro, NLG, Corsica Ferries, Tirrenia, Positano Jet, Grimaldi Lines, GNV, Medmar, Laziomar, Ventouris Ferries, Atlas Kompas, and many others.

• Where can I get a Ferry to Italy?

You can get a ferry to Italy from over 28 destinations, such as within Italy, from many of the surrounding islands groups, such as the Aeolian Islands, the Pontine Islands, the Ionian Islands, as well as from bigger countries such as Greece, Croatia, Spain, Albania, and so on.

• Can I take my Car on the Ferry to Italy?

You are able to take your car on certain ferry routes to Italy, depending on the operator.

Popular Ferry Operators

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Italy reviews

  • "Good Old Baby"

    Moby Baby is not a baby anymore, some 45 years has gone since she was the most advanced scandinavian ferry. But her exterior design remains and she is a very elegant little ship with very good outdoor deck space and plenty of viewpoints. The interior design has been modified many times, and those big changes made in her Sealink time is still visible, even some few original interior details blend well with the modern Moby interior design concept. Original Jacaranda teak wall coverings are gone, just as the elegant swedish interior design - but the coffee is good and Moby Baby keeps on going - transformed from exclusive long distance night ferry of the sixties to a modern commuter ferry. If you like ferries, go and experience this old baby!

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  • "Excellent ferry - great ferry company!"

    I’m a 51 years old originally from Sardinia but I grew up in Dorno (Pavia). It is almost half a century I travel by ferries, I tried all of them, including Moby Aki and in my opinion MOBY is more competitive both on land and on board. Many compliments and thanks for the service you offer!

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  • "Great ship"

    Beautiful trip to Barcelona in wonderful ship! I’m not used to taking a ferry over a long long duration because I normally suffer from sea sickness but after this experience I have changed my mind. The lounges are big, well-kept and clean and I didn’t have the impression of being on the sea but in a hotel. My boyfriend and I were very pleased!

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  • "Good trip"

    Great cabins, kitchen not so great (the only negative point I found), staff is very willing to help and give information, entertainment is good and there is a nice atmosphere in the Piano Bar.

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