COVID-19 Travel Information To ensure the health and safety of their passengers and crew, Grimaldi Lines has been working with health and regulatory officials to put in place the best procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The preventive measures below have been put in place to allow you to travel safely and with confidence:
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers will be available on board in public spaces and crew areas.
  • The crew, equipped with masks and gloves, will help passengers maintain a safe distance from each other in public spaces.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning all areas of the ship, with a particular focus on areas that have frequent hand contact such as door handles, handrails and tabletops.
  • A doctor will be on board all sailings.
  • Passengers travelling with their car will be able to check-in while remaining in their vehicle.
  • Temperature readings will be taken of each passenger before boarding.
  • Passengers will need to wear masks when checking in, using public areas on board and disembarking. Complimentary masks will be provided to each passenger.

COVID-19 Information Click here to visit our dedicated page for further information on the COVID-19 situation, including vouchers, cancellations, refunds and sailing changes.

Grimaldi Lines

Grimaldi Lines operates numerous ferry services in the biggest ferry markets, linking you with Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Malta, Greece, Sardinia and Sicily.

Grimaldi Lines is part the famous Grimaldi Group which includes the Minoan Lines and Finnlines brands. The Grimaldi family’s links with the sea date back to the 14th Century and the current group comprises one of the largest fleets of ships in the world. The transportation of vehicles was introduced to the operations in 1969, and over the last 40 years, the company has focussed mainly on Ro/Ro ferry services while expanding its service network to Northern Europe and West Africa.

With Grimaldi Lines you’ll find a fleet of new generation, fast and comfortable ferries and, thanks to the quantity and the quality of their on board services, you can make the most of the entertainment provided followed by a good night of rest while cruising towards your final destination. allows you to compare Grimaldi Lines timetables and fares with all alternative ferry operators before deciding on the best option for your trip.

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Grimaldi Lines Customer Reviews

  • "Nice trip - But, read on for ticket collection info"

    We were foot passengers on this weekly Grimald Lines sailing from Catania to Valetta. Arriving at Catania Port is confusing. The normal Grimaldi Lines office is closed. Which was especially annoying when we turned up at the ship and were told to walk (in the heat, with our cases) to the building that houses the office. It was quite a panic when both the ground floor and 2nd floor offices were closed and no information was visible. We walked back to the ship and a helpful security guy who spoke some English told us we needed to find the shuttle bus which would take us to the Sunday office. This turned out to be an unmarked Portacabin about 1km from the ship. Thankfully we saw the shuttle bus (nice and air-conditioned) coming off the ship and were able to get everything sorted. It was a stressful 45 minutes and we just wish we had had more information ahead of time. Once on board, the staff and facilities were really nice. We decided to rent a cabin which we were able to do at the boat Reception and this enabled us to store our luggage securely (there isn't anywhere else to do this) as well as have a snooze and use the powerful, hot shower. Leaving Catania with Etna towering above it was special and arriving in Valetta at night was too. People in Malta were surprised we didn't take the faster catamaran. But we loved our 'slow boat to Malta' and - especially now we know how things work in Catania - we would do it again.

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  • "Holiday in the sun"

    Brilliant. For £50 I have had a grand experience relaxing in preparation for my holiday.

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  • "A pleasant journey"

    This was a nice, relaxing journey. I often travel by boat and Grimaldi Lines has been a pleasant experience, particularly because of the friendly staff.

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  • "Sailing thru the night "

    Excellent spacious cabin but shower less than luke warm, with taps that seem to work backwards. Point to hot label when it’s actually cold Staff were helpful Crossing was calm and uneventful Left late but arrived on time so all worked out as expected. I think this is normal for all ships, a bit like air travel timing

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