San Felice Circeo Ferry

San Felice Circeo ferry port in Italy connects you with Ponza in Pontine Islands with a choice of up to 7 ferry crossings per week. The duration of the San Felice Circeo to Ponza crossing is from 1 hour and the crossing is operated by Pontina Navigazione.

San Felice Circeo

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San Felice Circeo Ferry Services

  • Pontina Navigazione
    • 7 Sailings Weekly 1 hr
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San Felice Circeo Guide

How do you get around San Felice Circeo?

Most choose to walk around the town, which is pretty achievable considering the compact nature of the landmark and the small size in general.

What is there to do in San Felice Circeo?

San Felice Circeo is Italy at its simplistic best; throughout the year the streets remain fairly empty and the coffee shops exude a peaceful ambience. You can wander around the charming streets of the town centre to bask in the authentic infrastructure and rejoice in the historical architecture that can dominate the skyline. Contrary to other Italian coastal towns, San Felice Circeo remains relatively quiet even in the evening, though Tiki Bar provides some light relief for anyone longing to dance and drink till the early hours of the morning.

The town centre is entertaining enough in itself, but the primary reason many visit San Felice Circeo is to sunbathe on the golden sands of the beach and indulge in a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Some beach clubs and fine restaurants line the perimeter of the coastline, offering a romantic view of the surrounding waters.

San Felice Circeo is a town on the southwest coast of Italy, resting in the Lazio region. The ferry route departing the port is to Ponza, an island laying to the south of the mainland, and typically lasting around an hour.