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"Stena crossing"

Reviewed 07 September 2014 by Larry

Very nice ride, smooth and fast. Good food and drinks.

'Larry' travelled with Stena Line on Stena Europe

"Trip from Rosslare to Cherbourg"

Reviewed 07 September 2014 by Anonymous

We had no hut, the seats in the relax room are not very comfortable. better would be if one could lie down completely, not enough leg room. This should be feasible or install a second room. people are lying everywhere in the bar and lounge... even on the floor not very nice

'Anonymous' travelled with Stena Line on Stena Europe

"Functional travel on the Fishguard/Rosslare route"

Reviewed 07 September 2014 by Christopher

Well it worked, the ferry was clean and efficient and seemed to have no problems finding Ireland, or indeed Wales on the return trip. I took the 02:30am sailing from Fishguard, and the 21:00 sailing on the return journey back to Wales. Good points: the cabin on my outward journey was clean and comfortable, and I slept the whole way; the staff were unfailingly friendly and helpful; the boat was punctual. Bad points: I made the mistake of having a meal in the cafeteria on the return journey: by some margin the worst I have ever eaten while travelling during the 21st century! The public spaces on the boat are uncomfortable and noisy. General points: Stena line (Fishguard/Rosslare) and Irish Ferries (Pembroke/Rosslare) clearly collude on sailing times. It would be a lot better for travellers if they were to stagger their journey times, but that is probably wishful thinking. If you are taking a night ferry get a cabin, even for the 21:00hrs sailing back to Wales. As I mentioned above the public spaces are uncomfortable and noisy, and even the "lounge" is above the car-deck which means that any attempts to sleep will be thwarted by the morons who leave the alarms set on their cars. From previous experience if you *do* get a cabin make sure it isn't at the bows. You'll get a nice forward view, but you'll also go to sleep before departure only to be woken up by the clanks, bangs, whirs and rattles of the winches when getting under weigh.

'Christopher' travelled with Stena Line on Stena Europe

"stena line"

Reviewed 07 September 2014 by Christopher

very smooth and fast trip only 3hrs and 30 minutes

'Christopher' travelled with Stena Line on Stena Europe

Stena Line is one of the world's biggest ferry companies and offers you a range of frequent, fast and conventional ferry services around the UK, Ireland, Holland, France, Scandinavia and in the Baltic sea.

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With numerous ferries in operation across a vast network of routes, each year more than 14 million people travel to their destination with Stena Line.

Stena Line constantly develops this network of routes by acquiring or establishing new routes and no other ferry operator offers more choice of crossing style.

More recently Stena Line acquired the routes of Celtic Link Ferries between Ireland and France adding another new destination to an already long list.

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Stena Line

Stena Line Routes

England < > Holland

14 Sailings Weekly
6 hour 30 minute crossing

England < > Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland < > Scotland

Wales < > Ireland

Denmark < > Norway

Denmark < > Sweden

France < > Ireland

Germany < > Latvia

Germany < > Sweden

Latvia < > Sweden

Poland < > Sweden

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