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Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
Ferries to Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland

About Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland consists of the six north-easterly counties of the island of Ireland, and is a part of the United Kingdom.
Whilst having a reputation for violence and sectarian conflict, it is nonetheless a fascinating province with much to offer in the way of beautiful scenery and cosmopolitan cities.

Much of the Northern Irish countryside is intensely beautiful and thankfully unspoilt. Facilities continue to improve and many new hotels and restaurants have opened in the last few years.

At the heart of Northern Ireland lies the idea of unspoilt naturalness, which encompasses a beautiful landscape, quality local produce where people are spontaneous in their humour, genuine, hospitable, welcoming, and not tourist weary.

Northern Ireland continually presents the visitor with a full program of entertainment and special events. Whether you are looking for a fun night out with the kids, a romantic meal for two or a hectic night on the town. Northern Ireland not only promises, but delivers.

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