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"Steam Packet Fast Cat Liverpool to Isle of Man"

Reviewed 30 July 2014 by Neil Flear

The fast cat from Liverpool to Isle of Man was on time, very clean and very comfortable. There are lots of seats around the ship. Leaving the Isle of Man, the fast cat schedule had changed due to an engine problem. We were never informed of this by e-mail. Luckily we heard about it whilst on the island so we didn't waste the extra 45 mins delay. The sailing time was also extended so if you were catching a train it would have been a problem.

'Neil Flear' travelled with Steam Packet on Manannan

"Great crossing, no problems whatsoever."

Reviewed 18 July 2014 by Joakim PB

The ship was punctual, clean, and fast; and the crew were helpful, polite, and cheery despite the early hour of the crossing (which is the only downside to the crossing in my view: with a 7am departure and the check-in 60 minutes prior, the crossing is made somwhat inconvenient, particularly for visitors situated outside of Douglas).

'Joakim PB' travelled with Steam Packet on Manannan

"Reasonable, punctual, and fast."

Reviewed 18 July 2014 by Joakim

No problems whatsoever with the crossing: the ship was punctual, and the crew were friendly and helpful. The ship was clean and fast, the only possible downside I can think of is that the frequent security announcements (however necessary) momentarily interrupted the FIFA world cup game currently being shown on the many screens on board - in no way a big issue!

'Joakim' travelled with Steam Packet on Manannan

"Steam Packet Ferry Good!"

Reviewed 12 July 2014 by Michael Chaloner

My wife and I, together with two friends, recently used the Ferry Car Service between Liverpool and Douglas (Isle of Man). The whole experience was completely 'hassle' free. The loading and un-loading procedure was efficient and speedy and the actual 'crossings' were entirely pleasant. Although fairly full there was no sense of 'crowding', with plenty of comfortable seats to relax during the sea voyage. No need to pre-book the Premium Seats on the 'Posh' Upper Deck areas, which are rather overpriced anyway(my one criticism)! Also very good 'light' refreshments, at surprisingly reasonable prices! On top of this both crossings arrived ahead of the scheduled time. We were fortunate to choose to travel when the 'sea' was reasonably calm, but I'm sure the Catamaran would be relatively stable even in adverse conditions. In short I can recommend this Service without reservation.

'Michael Chaloner' travelled with Steam Packet

Isle of Man Steam Packet Ferries provide freight, passenger and vehicle services between the port of Douglas and four ports in England, Northern and Southern Ireland.

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Fast craft and conventional vessels make up a modern fleet providing high levels of on-board service. A year-round service for passengers, vehicles (including coaches) and freight operates between Heysham and the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company's aim is to provide consistent services with convenient and fast crossing times and to offer a wide range of promotional fares to the travelling public. provides an impartial ferry comparison service allowing you to view numerous ferry company timetables and fares in one quick and easy search. Compare Steam Packet timetables and prices now with all alternative ferry operators before booking your ferry ticket.

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2 Sailings Weekly
2 hour 45 minute crossing
3 Sailings Weekly
2 hour 55 minute crossing
13 Sailings Weekly
3 hour 30 minute crossing
14 Sailings Weekly
2 hour 45 minute crossing
2 Sailings Weekly
4 hour 15 minute crossing
4 Sailings Weekly
2 hour 45 minute crossing
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