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"A nice, very spacious boat with decent facilities and particularly helpful bar/café staff."

Reviewed 08 October 2014 by Bob

A nice, very spacious boat with decent facilities and particularly helpful bar/café staff. The staff only speak Italian, but why shouldn't they - this is a service from Italy to Italy. The approach to loading and vehicle securing is pretty southern Italian too - namely very relaxed. We secured our motorcycle ourselves as we weren't happy with the way it had been done but, as this is the Med, not the North Sea, it would have been fine just with the two bits of string (OK, thin rope) used by the deck crew. We'd happily use this service/ company again.

'Bob' travelled with Grandi Navi Veloci on SNAV Sardegna

"Lovely how dogs welcome"

Reviewed 22 September 2014 by Keith

Overall good , just takes a very long time to load and unload (like 2 hours). Food disappointing for Italy and restaurant opening hours very short . We missed it.. Pool closed in September . Very nice how dogs are welcome. UK ferries should learn from this. Delightful.

'Keith ' travelled with Grandi Navi Veloci on La Suprema

"Good sailing - stock up on food stuffs before you sail"

Reviewed 14 September 2014 by Sandra

We booked a sailing from Genova to Palermo with our car. The booking and boarding was easy - arriving at Genova/Palermo a few hours before departure. We opted for sleeping seats not cabins - these were fine. The ship was comfortable with plenty of toilets nearby and shower facilities. The only down side was disembarkation of the ship with the car, this was rather disorganised - some near misses and narrowly avoiding damage to our car. Be warned the cost of foods on board are expensive and queues for a cup of café can be long. At Genova port, we noticed many Italians heading off the attached shopping centre and stocking up, and we followed suit. Just as well as this kept us going during the 19+ hour trip with plenty of bottle water and snacks. A cool box would also be ideal.

'Sandra' travelled with Grandi Navi Veloci on La Suprema

"Served the purpose"

Reviewed 05 September 2014 by Roger

Was cheap for a full day travel. Booked a seat and all in all was quite satisfied with the experience. The extra early check in seemed a bit over the top, lot of hanging around.

'Roger' travelled with Grandi Navi Veloci on SNAV Lazio

Grandi Navi Veloci transports cars and passengers across the Mediterranean Sea between Italy, Spain, Tunisia, France, Morocco and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

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Launching in 1992 with their first ship, Majestic , Grandi Navi Veloci are well known for their high class fleet which is made up entirely of Cruise Ferries - the name given to a ship that combines the ability to transport passengers and vehicles with the onboard facilities and amenities typical of a cruise ship.

The millions of passengers who choose Grandi Navi Veloci every year are the best proof of the standard of excellence that you’ll find when you travel on a GNV ferry. The design and comfort of the rooms, the attentive service on-board, from the 24-hour reception desk to the dedicated children’s staff and the countless attractions that each cruise ferry offers makes sailing with Grandi Navi Veloci a unique experience. provides an impartial ferry comparison service allowing you to view numerous ferry company timetables and fares in one quick and easy search. Compare Grandi Navi Veloci timetables and prices now with all alternative ferry operators before booking your ferry ticket.

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France < > Morocco

1 Sailing Weekly
29 hour crossing
2 Sailings Weekly
32 hour crossing

France < > Spain

Italy < > Morocco

Italy < > Sardinia

Italy < > Sicily

Italy < > Spain

Italy < > Tunisia

Morocco < > Spain

Sicily < > Tunisia

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