Grandi Navi Veloci

Grandi Navi Veloci transports cars and passengers across the Mediterranean Sea between Italy, Spain, Tunisia, France, Morocco and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

Launching in 1992 with their first ship, Majestic , Grandi Navi Veloci are well known for their high class fleet which is made up entirely of Cruise Ferries - the name given to a ship that combines the ability to transport passengers and vehicles with the onboard facilities and amenities typical of a cruise ship.

The millions of passengers who choose Grandi Navi Veloci every year are the best proof of the standard of excellence that you’ll find when you travel on a GNV ferry. The design and comfort of the rooms, the attentive service on-board, from the 24-hour reception desk to the dedicated children’s staff and the countless attractions that each cruise ferry offers makes sailing with Grandi Navi Veloci a unique experience. provides an impartial ferry comparison service allowing you to view numerous ferry company timetables and fares in one quick and easy search. Compare Grandi Navi Veloci timetables and prices now with all alternative ferry operators before booking your ferry ticket.

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Grandi Navi Veloci Customer Reviews

  • "Italy trip "

    Very good second time I have used this service, would use again

    'John' travelled with Grandi Navi Veloci on La Suprema

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  • "Comfort and easy"

    We travelled fro Bari to Durres in Albania. The cabin was excellent and the quality of food better than expected. It is a really good boat and is was enjoyable and good value.

    'Sandra' travelled with Grandi Navi Veloci

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  • "to palermo from genoa. "

    Probably cheaper than driving but not as scenic. You arrive fresh rather than tired. Cabin was good. nice sleep. restaurant had good food. done the trip several times. Last on, first off!!!!!!

    'Mike' travelled with Grandi Navi Veloci on La Superba

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  • "A good way to visit Sicily"

    I used the ferry at the end of a trip to Palermo to get back to Naples for a day's sightseeing and to connect to my flight home (Naples has lots more flights than Sicily). The ferry is cheap and comfortable and the crew do a good job. I enjoyed sailing out of Palermo and into Naples - an old-fashioned pleasure of travelling slowly and seeing the places take shape. I was fortunate in sharing a four-berth cabin with just one, very pleasant passenger and the cabin, including shower was great. I would happily use the ferry again when travelling in Italy. I would probably not, next time prepay a meal package (although this is probably the cheapest option), as the dinner is self-service and the choice and quality are not great. There are two or three places to eat on board and I would be inclined to make a decision on the day.

    'Stephen' travelled with Grandi Navi Veloci on Fantastic

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