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"First travel by ferry ever"

Reviewed 19 September 2013 by Anonymous

Need to say that me and my girlfriend were expecting something worse and not comfortable from the travelling itself, but fortunately everything was just cool! Our trip was a night ferry from Durres, Albania to Bari, Italy on 15 September. Due to some electricity shortcuts in Durres and thunder storm in sea we thought we'll be near toilette, if you know what I mean... Check-in started more than 3 hours prior to departure. We were one of first ones who passed passport control and took our cabin. As the whole ship, cabins are pretty old as well. We after talked to staff, and they told that this 'machine' is on duty since 1974! So, almost 40 years on water is a pretty good work, comparing to what this Italian ship could provide for travelers 30 years ago! Facilities are old, but good. Shower, bathroom is simple and cozy. Cabin itself was not that comfortable due to we wanted to have two beds on same level, but I was sleeping above my girlfriend. But when we were leaving ferry, we saw that there were cabins with window and two beds on first level let's say, so not one above another like in trains for example. Sounds of motors were a bit annoying in first hour when we were still standing in Durres. But after we felt asleep, and even enjoyed this motor sound and cozy beds. Unfortunately, you can pay only in Euro, what we really did not want to understand. We're living in 21st century, this ferry's route is well-known by the staff, loads of Albanian people go every day to Italy. Italian staff was rude, did not want to accept Albanian Lek. Of course, it is not staff's fault: they are doing their business what they were told to do. But it does not mean that they must to be rude and unfriendly to anyone on board at all! They must be competent, professional and tolerant. So overall, we had a problem with Italian teller-guy at the dining room (bar downstairs), he was knocking with spoon very loudly for some reason, did not want to understand in English a word, was not polite and was 'playing a Big Boss role' at restaurant. Since we don't know Italian, we did not understand what he was saying (swearing I would say) us... That was his luck. Loads of staff workers from other countries: Croatia, Montenegro, Philippines, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, etc. Montenegrians are very lazy, slow and don't like to work. Italians are at bars, Philippians are at receptions and Information sites, captain of ferry was Croatian woman and also there were technicians from Ukraine and Russia. Overall, it was a really pleasant trip. I'd recommend travelers to book en-suite cabin with window, toilet and bathroom. We traveled without any vehicle, so for us a simple sitting place would cost around 90 Euro, but the cabin's price was 150 for two of us! So, basically it was even cheaper and cozier! :) Wish you safe trips! Cheers!

'Anonymous' travelled with Adria Ferries, Durres Bari on Claudia


Reviewed 15 June 2013 by Anonymous

I would say they could improve on all aspect but it was OK though.

'Anonymous' travelled with Adria Ferries, Bari Durres on Claudia

"By motorbike"

Reviewed 21 May 2013 by Maik

We’ve had an overnight sailing and driving up the ramp we’ve been glad that the surface was dry (the same when going down again) We had to attach the bikes on our own and could consider ourselves lucky that it’s been only the 2 of us since we could only see 2 cords/ waling boards? Cabins were clean, small, there have been 2 beds where one could comfortably sleep in. After having a shower we noticed that the towel was a bit too small to wrap it around the body. In regards of dining on board we can’t say anything since we had dinner before boarding the ship. Staff on board is very friendly and try to answer all your questions

'Maik' travelled with Adria Ferries, Bari Durres on Claudia

"Love this ship!"

Reviewed 11 November 2012 by Marwin

i was onboard for more than 10 months as 3rd engineer and really enjoyed my stay. Hoping to get back onboard again soon!

'Marwin' travelled with Adria Ferries on Claudia

"4 hours wait in the parking area"

Reviewed 01 November 2011 by max

As if 4 hours waiting at the check-in parking area in Bari weren't enough, we were at least expecting some decorum on board. It was dirty and poorly maintained but at least we found some consolation in the bar where the staff was friendly and funny...

'max' travelled with Adria Ferries on Michela

Adria Ferries offers a fast ferry service between Italy and Albania.

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