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date1 Sailing Weekly
clock10 hour crossing
date2 Sailings Weekly
clock13 hour crossing
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"Some issues, but it worked"

Reviewed 13 April 2014 by Paul

- The cabin we got was nice. Large comfortable bed, good bathroom. Really nice. - The voyage was very smooth and quiet. - Not much in the way of services. Only one dining place was open at night for a while. Bar never opened. Only a couple of cafe's open in the AM, and none with hot food. - Ferry was three hours late. It took them five hours to load it, but it only arrived two hours before departure time. The entire loading process was torture. We did not have a car, so once they opened the gate to the pier it was a really long walk, then had to stand in line in a very stiff wind while they checked documents multiple times OUTSIDE. Passports, tickets, again and again until we final got out of the wind. - Many passengers get the cheapest tickets, which entitles them to a sleeper chair. However. most don't use them. They bring pillows, mattresses, even "army cots" and just set up anywhere they want in the halls and corridors. Camp out on sofas in the lounge. There is no enforcement of areas where people are not supposed to settle in. The would partially block access to elevators, stairs, and doorways. I felt like I was on a refugee steamer whenever I walked out of my cabin. This should not be allowed. They pay for a seat, they should use it.

'Paul' travelled Tunis Palermo with Grandi Navi Veloci on Fantastic

"Big delay - sanitary were horror "

Reviewed 04 January 2014 by Anonymous

The Florencia ferry arrived on time in Tunis, but put 4 1/2 hours directions gPalermo delay from. Reasons were not given. For breakfast in the morning the restaurant was not open, only a small bar there was coffee and cornetti. Already before departure were very dirty, the toilet facilities and were cleaned just before arrival in the morning. For immigration and customs as well as clearing out there was no information. You had it coming myself that even for Schengen members of papers were completed. Moreover, no one informed about the procedure: Schengen and non-Schengen members were handled separately, Non-Schengen members in a humiliating procedure with long queues and waiting times.

'Anonymous' travelled Tunis Palermo with Grandi Navi Veloci

"Ferry from Tunis to Palermo and back in November 2013 "

Reviewed 26 November 2013 by Anonymous

The crossing was ok. The staff was very friendly! But ... we have stored every 6 hours later, both to Palermo and back to Tunis. To wait 7 hours in the car. Almost too much to bear. And I was with the car still well off, very sorry the passengers have done without a vehicle and the motorcyclist. To 21:00 clock we had to check in, put the ferry in the morning at about 6:30 clock off, onto the ferry we were at 4:00 clock. Unbelievable, is not it? It should have been due to the loading of the container.

'Anonymous' travelled Tunis Palermo with Grimaldi Lines


Reviewed 08 August 2013 by Isidoro Alessandro

Perfect trip

'Isidoro Alessandro' travelled Tunis Palermo with Grimaldi Lines

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