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Reviewed 03 January 2014 by Joan

The ship was quite good and bedrooms too, but casino and games room were closed, it was a pity. The staff were very kind. It was a good option, but this day the ship were empty, not many people were on boat. I suppose that if not it would be better.

'Joan ' travelled with Grimaldi Lines, Barcelona Civitavecchia on Cruise Roma

"Journey to the land of the camel"

Reviewed 07 December 2013 by Lorenzo

This is the 3rd year making the sea trip from Italy to Morocco and the second time choosing to travel with Grimaldi. The boat is more compact than the alternatives, which lends a more intimate style and personal atmosphere. The time of the journey is longer (but, hey what a beautiful journey!), which ends up suiting my plan well as I arrive early enough in the day to be able to complete an 8 hour journey to my destination without waking everyone up in the middle of the night! Great time :-)

'Lorenzo' travelled with Grimaldi Lines, Livorno Tangier Med on Ikarus Palace

"12 hour Ferry ride"

Reviewed 01 November 2013 by Anonymous

We enjoyed our Ferry ride. We had our own cabin so were able to relax and reach our destination well rested.

'Anonymous' travelled with Grimaldi Lines, Palermo Salerno

"Trip to Barcelona and return"

Reviewed 22 October 2013 by David

A pleasant trip that saved us a long drive,general facilities were adequate for our needs. Did not however find the catering particularly good definitely the snacks in the bar on the pool deck were better value. My wife was offered a glass of ice and a small black coffee when she asked for iced coffee in one of the bars,need one say more.Cabins were clean however on the return a new shower head would be a recommendation. Rest of the ship was clean especially as going there were a number of dogs on board. No staff problems or punctuality issues. Would definitely recommend this trip and boat to others who wished to do as we did not spend two days driving through Italy and southern France to reach northern Spain.

'David' travelled with Grimaldi Lines, Civitavecchia Barcelona on Cruise Barcelona

"Excellent crossing"

Reviewed 16 October 2013 by Peter

We thoroughly enjoyed our crossing. Our cabin was spacious and there was plenty of cupbards, but the whole cabin vibrated all the time I guess from the engines, which seemed to be under our cabin. This was especially noticeable when trying to read in bed,when sitting up and leaning on the head board. The food was tasty but not very hot! Apart from that we thought the ship well appointed, and the drill was very informative and the crew excellent.

'Peter' travelled with Grimaldi Lines, Barcelona Civitavecchia on Cruise Barcelona

Grimaldi Lines operate numerous ferry services in the biggest ferry markets linking you with Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Malta, Greece, Sardinia and Sicily.

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Grimaldi Lines is part the famous Grimaldi Group which includes the Minoan Lines and Finnlines brands. The Grimaldi family’s links with the sea date back to the 14th Century and the current group comprise one of the largest fleets of ships in the world.

With Grimaldi Lines you’ll find a fleet of new generation fast and comfortable ferries and thanks to the quantity and the quality of their on board service you can make the most of the onboard entertainment followed by a good night of rest while cruising towards your final destination. allows you to compare Grimaldi Lines timetables and fares with all alternative ferry operators before deciding on the best option for your trip.

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Greece < > Italy

6 Sailings Weekly
16 hour crossing
9 Sailings Weekly
7 hour crossing
2 Sailings Weekly
26 hour crossing
2 Sailings Weekly
33 hour 30 minute crossing

Italy < > Morocco

Italy < > Sardinia

Italy < > Sicily

Italy < > Spain

Italy < > Tunisia

Morocco < > Spain

Sardinia < > Spain

Sicily < > Tunisia

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