Grimaldi Lines

Grimaldi Lines operate numerous ferry services in the biggest ferry markets linking you with Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Malta, Greece, Sardinia and Sicily.

Grimaldi Lines is part the famous Grimaldi Group which includes the Minoan Lines and Finnlines brands. The Grimaldi family’s links with the sea date back to the 14th Century and the current group comprise one of the largest fleets of ships in the world.

With Grimaldi Lines you’ll find a fleet of new generation fast and comfortable ferries and thanks to the quantity and the quality of their on board service you can make the most of the onboard entertainment followed by a good night of rest while cruising towards your final destination. allows you to compare Grimaldi Lines timetables and fares with all alternative ferry operators before deciding on the best option for your trip.

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Grimaldi Lines customer reviews

  • "Very good trip"

    Very good and comfortable journey.

    'Georgi' travelled with Grimaldi Lines on Catania

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  • "Good trip, but.."

    I had a fine trip with Grimaldi. I didnt make reservations for a chair or cabin however, as this was 35-50 euros more expensive. I hung out at the bar, where there were perfect couches to sleep on, but I was sent away to sleep in a chilly room on some uncomfortable chairs. I expected sleeping somewhere uncomfortable and I dont mind this if it costs less. But a lot of people were sleeping in the uncomfortable room, while the bar room filled with couches for people to sleep on was available, but it was not allowed to sleep there. I didnt get this and I didnt appreciate it.

    'Anonymous' travelled with Grimaldi Lines on Cruise Roma

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  • "Brindisi - igoumenitsa"

    Very pleasant. Good food. Everything went smoothly!

    'Richard' travelled with Grimaldi Lines on Catania

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  • "Ferry"

    We used the Grimaldi Lines EuroFerry for a return from Brindisi to Igoumenitsa during Aug 2014. My first piece of advice is that you book a cabin when you make your reservation, do not take the chance of trying to book one when you join the ferry. Also, this crossing is a means to an end as it is not a pleasant experience in itself. Our crossings were both busy because of the time of year and both overnight. The ferry is huge and takes a vast amount of freight (articulated lorries), however the space on board is quite limited. This is not helped by people sleeping everywhere on blow up mattresses. We opted for reserved Pullman seats, of which there are hundreds. As the seat are not labelled as reserved we found people sitting on our seats without reservations and they were reluctant to move. This happend time and time again. The pullman lounges were noisy and sleep almost impossible. Food and beverages are quite limited so take your own. The very worst part about the ferry was the toilets which you could smell well before you got to them. They were awful at the beginning of the journey and absolutely disgusting by the end of the journey. The ferry was old and by no means modern and the toilets reflected this, very difficult if you had you kids I would imagine. For such an old ferry, I agree with other reviewers, that the cost of the crossing is very expensive. Channel ferries are very luxurious in comparison to this boat. Brindisi Port has very limited facilities, however, Igoumenitsa is a lovely port with good restaurants an a great beach as you drive out of the town. It does take almost a hour to get off after docking, both in Brindisi and Igoumenitsa. We left Igoumenitsa at 2.00 am (should have been 1.30 am), the loading of the ferry took ages with the lorries going on first. The ferry was already busy as it had picked up passengers from another port before Igoumenitsa. If you book a cabin I am sure that the experience would be better, but I will not be taking the chance as I will not be using Grimaldi Lines again. When do a crossing from Greece to Italy again I shall use the Minoan Lines from Igoumenitsa to Ancona as the reviews for this are very good.

    'Nigel' travelled with Grimaldi Lines on Sorrento

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