Brindisi - Igoumenitsa Ferry Operators

date9 Sailings Weekly
clock7 hour 30 minute crossing
date4 Sailings Weekly
clock9 hour 30 minute crossing
Brindisi Igoumenitsa Ferry reviews
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Reviewed 02 September 2014 by Nigel

We used the Grimaldi Lines EuroFerry for a return from Brindisi to Igoumenitsa during Aug 2014. My first piece of advice is that you book a cabin when you make your reservation, do not take the chance of trying to book one when you join the ferry. Also, this crossing is a means to an end as it is not a pleasant experience in itself. Our crossings were both busy because of the time of year and both overnight. The ferry is huge and takes a vast amount of freight (articulated lorries), however the space on board is quite limited. This is not helped by people sleeping everywhere on blow up mattresses. We opted for reserved Pullman seats, of which there are hundreds. As the seat are not labelled as reserved we found people sitting on our seats without reservations and they were reluctant to move. This happend time and time again. The pullman lounges were noisy and sleep almost impossible. Food and beverages are quite limited so take your own. The very worst part about the ferry was the toilets which you could smell well before you got to them. They were awful at the beginning of the journey and absolutely disgusting by the end of the journey. The ferry was old and by no means modern and the toilets reflected this, very difficult if you had you kids I would imagine. For such an old ferry, I agree with other reviewers, that the cost of the crossing is very expensive. Channel ferries are very luxurious in comparison to this boat. Brindisi Port has very limited facilities, however, Igoumenitsa is a lovely port with good restaurants an a great beach as you drive out of the town. It does take almost a hour to get off after docking, both in Brindisi and Igoumenitsa. We left Igoumenitsa at 2.00 am (should have been 1.30 am), the loading of the ferry took ages with the lorries going on first. The ferry was already busy as it had picked up passengers from another port before Igoumenitsa. If you book a cabin I am sure that the experience would be better, but I will not be taking the chance as I will not be using Grimaldi Lines again. When do a crossing from Greece to Italy again I shall use the Minoan Lines from Igoumenitsa to Ancona as the reviews for this are very good.

'Nigel' travelled Brindisi Igoumenitsa with Grimaldi Lines on Sorrento

"good journey"

Reviewed 02 September 2014 by Leonora

İn spite of checking in late the port staff were extremely helpful and we were loaded in plenty of time for a prompt departure. The purser and his staff were a delight to deal with. The cabin was excellent - clean and comfortable. The only let down was the dining department with the food a disappointment and the staff giving the impression they were doing a duty shift more than they wanted to.

'Leonora' travelled Brindisi Igoumenitsa with Grimaldi Lines on Catania

"Bring an Air Mattress and a blanket"

Reviewed 06 August 2014 by William

that seems to be what all the smart travelers do. This was my first trip, it seemed like a good enough way to travel. Its just that there are enver enough couches, so if you want to spend the night comfortably, you should bring an air mattress and some blankets A cooler with a few beers will save you a lot of money too.

'William' travelled Brindisi Igoumenitsa with Grimaldi Lines

"Car ferry Brindis-Igoumenitsa-Brindisi and travel booking "

Reviewed 19 January 2014 by Anonymous

My first booking with direct ferries and first crossing from Italy to Greece (back in 2013, back in January 2014). Booking and reservation was not a problem. Thank directly ferries also for the timely notification (3 days before trip) that the return trip been delayed by 2 hours This is despite the Internet service reservation, I commend me 5 little tips.: Allow 1) on additional bookings (food, etc) is cheaper than paying on board 2) refer to the additional costs for Credit Card Payment 3) strongly emphasize the words in the Reserv confirmation to pick up the ticket at the terminal, 4) indicate the opening times of the switches in the ferry ports To achieve 5) direct ferries 24 hours by phone All in all I was surprised that everything (!) Went well, if you are used to fly ... Both ships are identical. The Sorrento was in better condition than the Catania. The problem was the arrival of Bari in the Brindisi harbor. It started already with the fact that the highway toll (Brenner Bari) in Bari (exit to Brindisi) could only be paid in cash (no card only cash ~ 71 EUR). Despite good description in the reservation confirmation I had to Brindisi Ferry found without navigation only after several attempts. Until Brindisi the signs went, but after missing the signs or was totally overgrown with bushes. When I arrived at 7 clock in the morning there were not many people I could have asked for in this remote area. The ticket desk in the port terminal of Grimaldi Lines opened at 9 clock and I got the Embroidered problems based on the confirmation of direct ferries. The terminal itself is m. E. a bleak and barren place, waiting for the ferry is not relieved here. The ferry itself (Sorrento) was good and I was well briefed by both the vehicle deck as well as from the on-board reception and other personnel on board. It was on the parking deck just very close to, but that was okay. Bodverpflegung the quality and price was a department store restaurant par. I was able to strengthen me with 2 meals good for later ride. In addition to a casino, there was no Zersträungsmöglichkeiten, the instructed seat, an airplane chair similar, does not offer much opportunity to lie " long " to - back problems are announced. Great, I found that one to two ferries for the car has to lie down (mitnemen ceiling, otherwise it will be very cold in winter). The return ferry (Catania) had only two toilets for all passengers and had been otherwise prepared only provisionally. I saw it this way, that this ship had renovation work and was recalled at short notice. The food went, but was not as good as on the Sorrento. The travel times were more or less on time. The ferry port in Igoumenitsa was first class (!) Compared to Brindisi, both on arrival and on the return trip. The terminal is a real residence where you can expect the exit with restaurants, cafes and even the Fährschalter are clearly arranged. A very different picture than in Brindisi. The highway leads directly into the port, petrol stations are right on the harbor there, because there are only 3 stations on the A2 to Ipsala (Turkey), of whom two were closed and at night next to the highway just a few Takstellen have opened in Greece (Thessaloniki are it again at night open gas stations, with Navi POI's duty should be be night driving). The new A2 motorway in Greece (Igoumenitsa-Ipsala) I liked very well, good covering (still new), well secured, small picnic areas, clear speed data, toll 7x2, 50EUR located (up Ipsala) and very scenic. Since I will stay next time in a few places longer. All police, immigration and customs checks went hassle free and were were reasonable. It was for mi

'Anonymous' travelled Brindisi Igoumenitsa with Grimaldi Lines on Sorrento

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Brindisi Igoumenitsa Ferry Guide

The Brindisi Igoumenitsa ferry route connects Italy with Greece and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Grimaldi Lines service runs up to 9 times per week with a sailing duration of around 7 hours 30 minutes while the Egnatia Seaways service runs up to 4 times per week with a duration from 9 hours 30 minutes.

So that’s a combined 13 sailings on offer per week on the Brindisi Igoumenitsa route between Italy and Greece. Compare now and get the best fare at the time that you want to travel.

Brindisi to Igoumenitsa Ferry Alternatives

Ancona - Patras with Superfast Ferries - 10 Sailings Weekly / 21 hour crossing
Ancona - Igoumenitsa with Superfast Ferries - 10 Sailings Weekly / 15 hour 30 minute crossing
Ancona - Patras with Minoan Lines - 7 Sailings Weekly / 21 hour 30 minute crossing
Ancona - Igoumenitsa with Minoan Lines - 7 Sailings Weekly / 15 hour 30 minute crossing
Ancona - Patras with Anek Lines - 10 Sailings Weekly / 21 hour crossing
Ancona - Igoumenitsa with Anek Lines - 10 Sailings Weekly / 15 hour 30 minute crossing
Bari - Patras with Superfast Ferries - 7 Sailings Weekly / 16 hour crossing
Bari - Igoumenitsa with Superfast Ferries - 7 Sailings Weekly / 8 hour 30 minute crossing
Bari - Igoumenitsa with Ventouris Ferries - 2 Sailings Weekly / 15 hour 30 minute crossing
Brindisi - Patras with Grimaldi Lines - 6 Sailings Weekly / 16 hour crossing
Ravenna - Igoumenitsa with Grimaldi Lines - 2 Sailings Weekly / 26 hour crossing
Ravenna - Patras with Grimaldi Lines - 2 Sailings Weekly / 33 hour 30 minute crossing
Trieste - Patras with Minoan Lines - 3 Sailings Weekly / 43 hour crossing
Trieste - Igoumenitsa with Minoan Lines - 3 Sailings Weekly / 34 hour 30 minute crossing
Venice - Igoumenitsa with Anek Lines - 4 Sailings Weekly / 26 hour crossing
Venice - Patras with Anek Lines - 4 Sailings Weekly / 33 hour crossing
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