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date2 Sailings Weekly
clock25 hour 30 minute crossing
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"Misdescribed and poor value service"

Reviewed 25 August 2014 by Anonymous

We took the Anek Lines ferry to Igoumenitsa from Venice this summer, with two young children, mostly to ensure them some comfort and minimise the amount of time they would spend cooped up in the car. The trip was not as expected... First the positives: the cabin we booked was clean and comfortable, though the air-con did not work on the outbound trip which made the room rather hot and stuffy (no opening windows of course!). Other than that, the experience was pretty poor: The port in Venice is quite hard to find and not a great deal of guidance is provided as to its location Poor signage in the ship makes it tricky to navigate into the passenger areas from the car deck - which is a problem if you have to literally squeeze between lorry trailers carrying baggage... We found the staff terse and unfriendly (with a couple of exceptions) Food was awful (though not excessively priced) A large number of passengers camp on the deck, either outside with hammocks, tents, inflatable mattresses, or in the corridors outside your cabin. Ferry or refugee repatriation craft? The stairs between decks are very steep and I managed to trip down them on the outbound, badly twisting my knee The brochures show passengers enjoying a swimming pool, but on the boat - there is none... This is no cruise ship. There are no facilities whatsoever for children, no playground, no TV zone, nothing at all. 26 hours (minimum) is a long time to spend staring at a mobile phone... The ferry was late leaving and arriving both on the outbound and again on the return - as confirmed by other passengers who had previously used the boat, this is apparently a common occurrence On the return trip our cabin did not have any shower gel. As the ship had run out we were requested to use the shampoo instead... Without exaggeration, a cross-channel ferry between Dover and Calais is larger, has more facilities and is more comfortable Given that the trip takes 26hrs (minimum), I would absolutely recommend anyone to drive rather than take this ferry. It is really quite expensive (fuel for 1,000km, a nice hotel and a good evening meal for a family of four would be massively cheaper), and the same trip can be completed in roughly the same time, driving. Anek Lines? Not good...

'Anonymous' travelled Venice Igoumenitsa with Anek Superfast on Forza

"Crossing Venice - Igoumenitsa"

Reviewed 13 July 2014 by Anonymous

Ship sailed at pre-scheduled times which of course in no bad thing! Can't say that it was a luxury crossing though; cabin accommodation not overly desirable and the toilet was not working properly, little luxuries, pretty self-service restaurant, staff could be a little more friendly and helpful too. Boarding in Venice ok, but disembarkation of the ship when we arrived at Igoumenitsa wasn't very well supervised by the staff who seemed to have conflicting assignments handed out to them. Strange that on an international ferry these staff at the port didn't speak English / German or French either. Earlier experiences with Minoan Lines ensure that we will be back next time with them instead. This Anek Lines service is more of a cargo ship with passenger accommodation.

'Anonymous' travelled Venice Igoumenitsa with Anek Superfast on Audacia

"Cabin price"

Reviewed 12 July 2014 by Yalur

Ship pretty good, can't complain about the on board experience in general but the cabin prices are quite high when compared to other ferry company's that i compared on this website.

'Yalur' travelled Venice Igoumenitsa with Anek Superfast on Audacia

"Anek lines to Igoumenitsa, Greece"

Reviewed 11 July 2014 by Anonymous

Apart from the fact that the boat didn't depart in Venice but from a port on the mainland near Venice and the booking with Anek Lines is not exactly user-friendly and self-explanatory, the crossing, the ship and the service on the ship was good.

'Anonymous' travelled Venice Igoumenitsa with Anek Superfast on Forza

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Venice Igoumenitsa Ferry Guide

The Anek Superfast Venice Igoumenitsa ferry crossing between Italy and Greece is the only service operating on this route. With crossing durations from 25 hours 30 minutes, the route is scheduled to run around 2 times per week.

The regularity and duration of crossing varies from time to time so it is advisable to get a live quote for current availability.

Venice to Igoumenitsa Ferry Alternatives

Ancona - Patras with Minoan Lines - 7 Sailings Weekly / 21 hour 30 minute crossing
Ancona - Igoumenitsa with Minoan Lines - 7 Sailings Weekly / 15 hour 30 minute crossing
Ancona - Patras with Anek Superfast - 10 Sailings Weekly / 21 hour crossing
Ancona - Igoumenitsa with Anek Superfast - 10 Sailings Weekly / 15 hour 30 minute crossing
Bari - Igoumenitsa with Ventouris Ferries - 3 Sailings Weekly / 13 hour 45 minute crossing
Bari - Patras with Anek Superfast - 6 Sailings Weekly / 16 hour 30 minute crossing
Bari - Igoumenitsa with Anek Superfast - 8 Sailings Weekly / 8 hour 30 minute crossing
Brindisi - Patras with Grimaldi Lines - 7 Sailings Weekly / 16 hour crossing
Brindisi - Igoumenitsa with Grimaldi Lines - 14 Sailings Weekly / 7 hour 30 minute crossing
Brindisi - Igoumenitsa with Egnatia Seaways - 4 Sailings Weekly / 9 hour 30 minute crossing
Ravenna - Igoumenitsa with Grimaldi Lines - 2 Sailings Weekly / 26 hour crossing
Ravenna - Patras with Grimaldi Lines - 2 Sailings Weekly / 33 hour 30 minute crossing
Trieste - Patras with Grimaldi Lines - 3 Sailings Weekly / 45 hour crossing
Trieste - Igoumenitsa with Grimaldi Lines - 4 Sailings Weekly / 36 hour crossing
Trieste - Patras with Minoan Lines - 2 Sailings Weekly / 31 hour crossing
Trieste - Igoumenitsa with Minoan Lines - 2 Sailings Weekly / 24 hour crossing
Venice - Patras with Anek Superfast - 2 Sailings Weekly / 32 hour crossing
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