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"Congratulations one more time"

Reviewed 19 June 2014 by Anonymous

We had to interrupt our holidays because of private issues. However, the rapidity and the diligence with which my problem was treated are proof of the perfect efficiency of your service. The following morning, not even 24 hours after my call, we were able to get our inbound crossing (cabin + car). And it was all done without stress. Thanks again for this excellent work. Moreover, the website is easy to navigate and well explained. If there is a problem, you can call a friendly and professional staff who helps you to resolve it. The only setback is that it is impossible to book in advance and that there aren't enough night crossings.

'Anonymous' travelled with Trasmediterranea, Barcelona Palma on Zurbaran

"Ok but late!"

Reviewed 19 June 2014 by Terrence

Ship was due to depart at 17.00. It didn't arrive until 17.25 and by the time it unloaded and reloaded with us and all the trucks with and without the tractor units we set sail at 18.40 the trip and the unloading went OK.

'Terrence' travelled with Trasmediterranea, Algeciras Tangier Med on Ciudad de Malaga


Reviewed 19 June 2014 by Anonymous

No problem with the boarding staff, the cabin is minimalist as expected, the food is decent. The cleanliness is not perfect, but we've seen worse. The price is fair.

'Anonymous' travelled with Trasmediterranea, Nador Almeria on Almudaina Dos

"a crossing towards Morocco"

Reviewed 18 June 2014 by Anonymous

We departed on time, the staff is friendly and it's clean on board.

'Anonymous' travelled with Trasmediterranea, Algeciras Ceuta on Milenium Dos

Trasmediterranea is huge ferry operator operating a vast network of ferry routes linking the Spanish Peninsula with the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla as well as Morocco and Algeria in North Africa.

Find out what it’s like onboard when you travel with Trasmediterranea from the ship pages listed below:
Whilst high speed ships are used for the shorter trips where speed and convenience is the objective of the journey, on longer journeys, Trasmediterranea ferries are equipped to provide the highest levels of comfort so that their passengers find the journey an attractive part of their holiday.

Founded in 1917, Trasmediterranea is the main ferry company in Spain and one of the largest in Europe with numerous ships connecting their various destinations throughout the year. Trasmediterranea was acquired by Acciona in 2002, one of Spain’s largest corporations.

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Trasmediterranea Ports

Trasmediterranea Routes

Algeria < > Spain

3 Sailings Weekly
8 hour crossing
2 Sailings Weekly
8 hour crossing

Formentera < > Spain

Gran Canaria < > La Palma

Gran Canaria < > Lanzarote

Gran Canaria < > Spain

Gran Canaria < > Tenerife

Ibiza < > Mallorca

Ibiza < > Spain

La Palma < > Lanzarote

La Palma < > Spain

La Palma < > Tenerife

Lanzarote < > Spain

Lanzarote < > Tenerife

Mallorca < > Menorca

Mallorca < > Spain

Menorca < > Spain

Morocco < > Spain

Ferries within Spain

Spain < > Tenerife

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