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"Piraeus Koufonissi return crossing"

Reviewed 16 July 2014 by Maria Luisa

Trip comfortable, peaceful and quiet. Departed and arrived on time. Overall i really enjoyed it. The check-in is done in the gate with Hellenic seaways in Piraeus. It started at 6.00, about two hours before departure. Booking was very fast and went well too.

'Maria Luisa' travelled with Hellenic Seaways, Piraeus Koufonissi on Highspeed

"All easy and as expected"

Reviewed 16 July 2014 by Carlo

As the title says, book online was easy and fast as I expect with direct ferries. You just need to think about to check in on time and then you're off! On the ferry everyone was courteous and friendly, and ship was fine too. The trip was good. Thanks, Carlo.

'Carlo' travelled with Hellenic Seaways, Skiathos Skopelos on Express Skiathos

"All good"

Reviewed 16 July 2014 by Carlo

As I said last time I booked with you, this is a decent ship for the journey which its used on. Hellenic Seaways know what they are doing on these trips to the islands and the staff look after you on board too. Look forward to the next trip.

'Carlo' travelled with Hellenic Seaways, Agios Konstantinos Skiathos on Express Pegasus

"A pleasant trip"

Reviewed 11 July 2014 by Rute

It was a pleasant trip from Piraeus to Thira and back. And a good option to be able to see the scenery all to way to Santorini. The seats are comfortable, even from economy. From Piraeus the ship was on time, but from Thira there was almost an hour delay. The bathroom was out of toilet paper and was only replaced after asking the staff. If you buy tickets online, I would advise to make sure, once you get the tickets at the office, that you have a convenient seat, since after you cannot change it - especially since, if you travel business class with table, you might want to go facing forward, and there's only one table by the window

'Rute' travelled with Hellenic Seaways, Piraeus Thira (Santorini) on Highspeed

Hellenic Seaways is Greek ferry company operating domestic ferry services to and from numerous ports in the Cyclades, Crete, the Saronikos and Sporades islands.

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Hellenic Seaways is the largest Hellenic ferry operator and has been active in the Greek seas for over 15 years. Their huge fleet of conventional and high speed ferries currently serve more than 30 ferry ports.

Hellenic Seaways have won numerous awards for their ferry services over the last few years including best passenger line and best ship and continue to set high goals by investing in speed, comfort and quality of service.

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Hellenic Seaways

Hellenic Seaways Routes

Aegean Islands < > Greece

5 Sailings Weekly
6 hour 40 minute crossing

Aegean Islands < > Lesbos

Crete < > Cyclades Islands

Ferries within Cyclades Islands

Cyclades Islands < > Greece

Cyclades Islands < > Ikaria

Cyclades Islands < > Samos

Ferries within Greece

Greece < > Ikaria

Greece < > Lesbos

Greece < > Samos

Greece < > Saronic Islands

Greece < > Skopelos Island

Greece < > Sporades Islands

Ikaria < > Samos

Ferries within Saronic Islands

Ferries within Skopelos Island

Skopelos Island < > Sporades Islands

Ferries within Sporades Islands

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