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About Jersey

The Channel Island of Jersey is the most southerly Island of the British Isles.

Some 100 miles south of mainland Britain yet only 14 miles from the coast of France, Jersey provides the visitor with a kaleidoscope of sensory stimuli.

Despite its size, all your senses are made to work overtime in this tiny Island. Approach the Island by air and you see lush valleys, well-kept fields and an unspoilt coastline. Arrive by sea and the rocky grandeur of La Corbière, the sweep of St Aubin’s Bay and picturesque Elizabeth Castle set the scene for a grand encounter with a small but delightful island whose variety of scenery, wealth of history and sheer beauty compete with much larger and, perhaps, better-known destinations.

The sea dominates the landscape with views of the surrounding Atlantic Ocean accessible from virtually every point on the island. The coastline also offers infinite variety – majestic cliffs, exposed bays, sandy beaches and rocky coves are all immediately accessible by road or on foot and just a few minutes drive from any community.

Due to Jersey’s unique position in the Bay of St Malo the island grows and shrinks twice a day as the tide ebbs and flows in excess of 40ft - one of the highest tidal ranges in the world.