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Ferries to Aegadian Islands

The Aegadian Islands, meaning ‘the Islands of Goats’ in Italian, is a mountainous archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, off the northwest coast of Sicily. Composed of five small islands, the group measures 37 square kilometres in total.

Most accounts record just three islands: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, but the Aegadians actually include Maraone and Formica as well, two tiny islets close to the Sicilian coast. Relatively unknown outside Italy, they have been dated to Palaeolithic times owing to the selection of cave wall paintings on the main islands still visible today, and were under a Genoese family ownership until 1874 when they were sold to the Florio family on Palermo.

The largest member, Favignana is butterfly-shaped and well equipped with white beaches and sunbathing spots. Featuring in Homer’s Odyssey, the surrounding turquoise waters popular for diving and snorkelling, with a network of spectacular sea caves such as the Lovers’ Grotto and the Grotto of Sighs; locals claim that moaning can be heard during winter.

Watching over the market squares in the main town is the Arab-built, fort tower of Santa Caterina, where you can also find local restaurants serving freshly caught tuna, the primary trade of the Aegadian Islands.

Levanzo, the trio’s smallest, has a hilly landscape with more dramatic viewpoints, perfect for photographers, while there are a couple of sandy beaches hidden along the coast. The only village, Cala Dogana contains few amenities but offers two shops, restaurants and hotels, making it one of the more tranquil visits of the island group.

24 kilometres from the Sicilian coast, Marettimo is the most far flung and least visited by tourists. The largest population is, in fact, a variety of seabirds including the European storm petrel and the Bonelli’s eagle. People do occasionally visit for the Aleppo pine-clad walking trails, taking you through fields of thyme, mint and chamomile.

Ferries to the Aegadian Islands depart primarily from Sicily, given the proximity between the two, with up to 15 sailings a day on some routes. Interisland routes are also quick and regular, while there is also a longer crossing from the city of Naples, on the Italian mainland.

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Aegadian Islands reviews

  • "Comfortable, clean and punctual"

    The ferry was comfortable, clean and punctual. I marked down the catering because, as far as I remember, there wasn't any

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  • "Fast ferry, but be sure to get out at your stop in time!"

    The ferry was good, fast, punctual enough, spacious and comfortable. But we (and couple others) had "funny" problem. We went to lower deck and when our stop came they announced it adding "stay in your seats", so we stayed. After very short stop (no people were getting out around us) ferry went on to the next stop. Thank God that it was very near and it was the last stop, so we could come back with the same ferry rather fast.

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  • "Plain Sailing"

    A utilitarian ferry service completely at odds with the glamour and drama of the islands it serves. If, like me, you were anticipating the time on board being a joyous and memorable part of your holiday then you're in for a disappointment. These are working ferries providing a service to locals and we tourists are just tagging along. Think Staten Island and you'll be close to the mark. But they're frequent, pretty reliable, and they get the job done with the minimum of fuss. And all the Aeolians are so beautiful you'll have completely forgotten about the ferry within moments of landing. So, the opposite of the memorable experience I was anticipating, but just as useful for all that. So get your tickets bought and see the beautiful, dreamy, wafty, Aeolians. And buy your tickets at the quayside. There's no shortage of spaces and they're much cheaper than online.

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  • "Getting to stromboli"

    The trip across was relaxing had to change at lipari another beautiful island. The trip back.was fine. There is no shop on the boat where you can buy water so take your own

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