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Ferry to Trieste Alternatives

Trieste Ferry Services

  • Liberty Lines Fast Ferries Mali Losinj to Trieste
    • 2 Sailings Weekly 4 hr 5 min
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  • Liberty Lines Fast Ferries Piran to Trieste
    • 6 Sailings Weekly 40 min
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  • Liberty Lines Fast Ferries Porec to Trieste
    • 4 Sailings Weekly 1 hr 10 min
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  • Liberty Lines Fast Ferries Rovinj to Trieste
    • 6 Sailings Weekly 1 hr 30 min
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Ferry to Trieste reviews

  • "cheap trip"

    dirty ship, no one was caring about the cleaning on board. Rude staff at the bar. Air conditioning not working. Ship not big enough for all those people. I booked with this company just because it was the only operator for my return from Greece.

    'Anonymous' travelled by Ferry to Trieste with Minoan Lines on Cruise Olympia

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  • "Everything was great "

    Igoumenitsa Trieste and back. ship on time, staff very friendly and helpful, ship very clean, food was good but expensive. Very pleasant crossings, everything OK.

    'Alexander' travelled by Ferry to Trieste with Minoan Lines on Cruise Europa

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  • "Everything except the food mediocrity, that's awful ... "

    All in all OK. The stopover in Ancona costs about 2 hours. From here the ferry takes another 6 hours to Trieste. The food in the restaurant, canteen and bistro on the ship is incredibly bad and this of course is not all that cheap. This one gets dished out on an Italian ship the worst possible pizza is amazing. Coffee and other drinks are good but expensive. Only 30 minutes late for a ferry on the Adriatic quite ok.

    'Anonymous' travelled by Ferry to Trieste with Minoan Lines on Cruise Olympia

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  • "Hygiene fails to dog owners "

    We have read the - for the most part, negative - reviews of it. I must say it is all right in principle.But German Railways is much worse. Cabins are even better than the sleeping carriages which are known and these are significantly expensive for one night. So cabin was ok. We had 2 bed inside. having also seen the outside cabin, this (small viewport) the complaint with the vibrations are not worth the extra cost., we could not empathize. generally the standard the one I expected for a crossing.   What we really were negative but noticed the many dog owners who really everywhere their animals could do their business. When I think of deck passages are offered ........ I think thiss behaviour is almost a health attack for other people. There are dog dipers and transport boxes. The 2nd negative is the a la carte restaurant. There were 3 members of the staff neither able to talk in english nor Italian (menus were in both languages​​). Alsopointing at the card did not help. So it was that, of 4 occupied tables 3 got the wrong thing. The water glasses were filled with wine. wine glasses with water. Main course came two minutes after the starter (thank God we got do so or the wrong so this was a cold) but it COLD. Wit had ordered two pasta dishes, since we were sure, because you can not go wrong. ERROR - cold noodles and hard. I spent 25 years restaurant manager. So I thought, I can not do anything more shocking. ERROR. Conclusion 50 euros, for further hunger and poor clown idea. prefer the buffet. Internet does not work. Although there is a signed Internet Cornern, but unfortunately no one knows the ship away something. If they want it luxuriously, drive to Ancona with Superfast (was our way) really beautiful ships. Except for the dog excrement and, Internet (the restaurant can be avoided)'s it, just ok for us

    'Ulrike' travelled by Ferry to Trieste with Minoan Lines

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