Vila do Porto Ferry

Vila do Porto ferry port in Santa Maria connects you with Ponta Delgada in Sao Miguel with a choice of up to 4 ferry crossings per week. The duration of the Vila do Porto to Ponta Delgada crossing is from 3 hours and the crossing is operated by Atlanticoline.

Vila do Porto

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Vila do Porto Ferry Services

  • Atlanticoline
    • 4 Sailings Weekly 3 hr
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Vila do Porto Guide

Vila do Porto is the only municipality and the main town of the island of Santa Maria, one of the islands forming the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. Ferry is the only mode of transport around the Azores, with crossings to each island from the port.

What is there to do in Vila do Porto?

Scuba and snorkelling are the main pastimes around Vila do Porto; the stunning array of flora and fauna around the coastline of the island are a mecca of beauty for anyone with a penchant for exploring the waters. Mantamaria Dive Centre offer snorkelling under the guidance of qualified instructors who can encourage experienced snorkelers and teach newcomers. On the inland, copious walking trails emblazon the landscape, the apex of each affording incredible panoramic vistas of the encompassing surroundings.

For a more thorough itinerary, Farol de Goncalo Velho Lighthouse is visible from the highest points of some of the mountains, and stands proud against the expanding ocean. Sightseeing and snorkelling can work up a large appetite, so satisfy your hunger at one of the welcoming restaurants, with seafood typically being served as the speciality of the day.

How do you get around Vila do Porto?

The municipality is fairly small and can be covered entirely by foot.