Riga Ferry

Riga ferry port in Latvia connects you with Stockholm in Sweden with a choice of up to 3 ferry crossings per week. The duration of the Riga to Stockholm crossing is from 18 hours and the crossing is operated by Tallink Silja.


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Riga Ferry Alternatives

Riga Ferry Services

  • Tallink Silja
    • 3 Sailings Weekly 18 hr
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Riga Guide

Riga is the capital city of Latvia, situated on the west coast of the country, bordering the Baltic Sea. The port is used as the gateway between the Baltic States and Scandinavia, with crossings to Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, resting on the east coast of the country.

What is there to do in Riga?

Riga is still trying to shake the shackles off its dark history; the gothic architecture and subtle references to previous foreign dictators still allude to a complicated past, though slowly but surely Latvia’s capital is discovering its own identity. The largest city in the Baltic Region symbolises the crossroads between Eastern and Central Europe, a location which is evident in the ancient buildings amid a cosmopolitan vibe. Mixed between the quaint streets and cobbled roads, you’ll find cool bars, edgy art galleries and modern restaurants that offer experimental dishes. If dining out at a formal restaurant isn’t your thing, the Central Market is an enormous wave of fresh food and drink in the thick of a jubilant atmosphere.

The infrastructure that decorates the city centre defines the historical culture in Riga, yet if you look beyond the imposing towers and spires you’ll find picturesque scenery that has almost gone unnoticed. Head to the array of parks to bask in the naturally fresh, green environment, or travel to the cultural centre, a popular spot with Riga’s youth, to sample the music, cinema and carnival hybrid. The centre embodies Riga, showcasing why Latvia’s capital was labelled as the 2014 city of culture, proving that it isn’t purely limited to museums or art galleries.

How do you get around Riga?

Public transport runs fairly smoothly, with a bus, tram and minibus system that covers the entirety of the city. Self-service bicycles are dotted around the city, and many rental car companies offer affordable deals.

How To Get To Riga Ferry Port

  • Riga Ferry Port by Car

    Riga is 300 km from Tallinn, Estonia, and 700 km from Warsaw on the E67 motorway that runs to Prague.

  • Riga Ferry Port Address

    Eksporta iela 3A,Ziemelu rajons,Riga,LV-1010

  • Riga Accommodation

    If you’re looking to spend a night at or near Riga Ferry port before or after your trip or if you are looking for accommodation for your entire stay, please visit our Riga Accommodation page for the best accommodation prices and one of the largest selections available online!