Melilla Ferry

Melilla ferry port in Spain is served by a number of ferry routes with crossings to Almeria & Malaga available. With a selection of up to 18 Sailings Weekly, the port of Melilla connects Spain with .

Sailing durations range from 5 hours 30 minutes on the Almeria service to 7 hours 59 minutes on the Malaga service.

Although there is a brief summary on this page, as sailing information can vary based on time of year we’d advise you to get live sailing times and prices in our Melilla fare search.


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Melilla Ferry Alternatives

Melilla Ferry Services

  • Balearia
    • 3 Sailings Weekly 5 hr 30 min
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  • Trasmediterranea
    • 2 Sailings Weekly 7 hr
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  • Balearia
    • 7 Sailings Weekly 7 hr 59 min
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  • Trasmediterranea
    • 6 Sailings Weekly 7 hr
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Melilla Ferry Port

Melilla is situated on a Spanish enclave on the North African coast. The ferry port of Melilla provides daily connections to Spain (Motril, Malaga and Almeria). Melilla and Ceuta are two permanently inhabited Spanish cities in mainland Africa, they share a border with Morocco. Many people travelling between Morocco and Europe use the ferry links from Melilla.

How To Get To Melilla Ferry Port

  • Melilla Ferry Port by Car

    Melilla Ferry Port can be reached by taking the ML101 and then following the signs to the ferry port.
    From Tangier, follow the cities of Tetouan, Alhucemas, Nador to reach Melilla.
    From Algeria, head for the city of Oujda to reach Melilla.

  • Melilla Accommodation

    If you’re looking to spend a night at or near Melilla Ferry port before or after your trip or if you are looking for accommodation for your entire stay, please visit our Melilla Accommodation page for the best accommodation prices and one of the largest selections available online!