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List ferry port in Sylt Island connects you with Havneby in Romo Island with a choice of up to 8 ferry crossings per day. The duration of the List to Havneby crossing is from 35 minutes and the crossing is operated by Syltfähre.


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List Ferry Services

  • Syltfähre
    • 8 Sailings Daily 35 min
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List Ferry Port

List is the northernmost municipality in Germany, located on the island of Sylt which lays in the North Sea. The only ferry route out of List is to Havneby, a town found on the coast of the Danish Island of Romo, and lasts around an hour.

The majority of List’s population aren’t permanent residents, instead many who reside there live on the German or Danish mainland and have a holiday home on the island. There isn’t a huge amount to do in List - the village hosting the port is surrounded by dunes and masses of shrubs, so unsurprisingly List isn’t hugely popular with tourists.

List is popular for those with a deep interest in marine biology; the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research is a widely respected centre and attracts many specialists in the field. Aside from marine biology, the only oyster farm in Germany is found in List, which provides much of the revenue for the economy, alongside the long term tourism.

Unsurprisingly, due to the small land area, the port is within a comfortable walk of the encompassing village, so there is no need for visitors to worry about public transport.

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  • List Ferry Port Address

    Am Fähranleger, 25992, List

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