Lima Ferry

Lima ferry port in Oman connects you with Dibba in Oman with a choice of up to 2 ferry crossings per week. The duration of the Lima to Dibba crossing is from 1 hour and the crossing is operated by National Ferries Company.


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Lima Ferry Services

  • National Ferries Company
    • 2 Sailings Weekly 1 hr
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Lima Ferry Port

Not to be confused with the capital of Peru, Lima is a small coastal village on the north east coast of Oman. The only ferry routes out of the port are to Shinas and Dibba, other coastal resorts situated on the coast of Oman.

The best way to reach Lima is via boat, even if it’s just to witness the beautiful mountain range that surrounds the port. The entire village of Lima is famous for its impressive mountains, offering visitors the chance to explore the erratic rock formations. The warm weather and impressive landscape create the ideal setting for an afternoon stroll, even in the evening the climate is still pleasant enough.

Aside from the natural surroundings, there are several local crafts available for visitors to browse and are generally fairly affordable. The most sought after ornament is the Al Jarz, which is a small axe head typically carved from the wood from trees grown in the village. An Al Jarz is synonymous with Lima and is oftentimes bought by tourists as a souvenir.

The village of Lima is so small that everywhere is within walking distance. Most locals will direct any lost tourists, though not all will speak English so it is worthwhile carrying a translation book.