How to book a Ferry to Yawatahama

With Direct Ferries you can find a Ferry to Yawatahama and quickly and easily compare with other sailings to Japan or neighbouring countries to ensure you book the best crossing available.

Our comparison tool allows you to view Yawatahama timetables and ferry prices on all possible routes removing the need to check numerous other websites.

Getting a price or making a booking couldn't be easier. All you need to do is select your preferred Yawatahama route from the menus, number of passengers and hit search. If you are looking for a Yawatahama Ferry departure, please visit our Yawatahama Ferry page.

Ferries to Yawatahama

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Yawatahama Ferry Services

  • Uwajima-Unyu Ferries Beppu to Yawatahama
    • 6 Sailings Daily 2 hr 45 min
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  • Uwajima-Unyu Ferries Usuki to Yawatahama
    • 7 Sailings Daily 2 hr 15 min
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