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Ferries to Valletta

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Valletta Ferry Services

  • Virtu Ferries Pozzallo to Valletta
    • 16 Sailings Weekly 1 hr 45 min
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  • Virtu Ferries Gozo Gozo to Valletta
    • 9 Sailings Daily 45 min
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Ferry to Valletta reviews

  • "Nice trip - But, read on for ticket collection info"

    We were foot passengers on this weekly Grimald Lines sailing from Catania to Valetta. Arriving at Catania Port is confusing. The normal Grimaldi Lines office is closed. Which was especially annoying when we turned up at the ship and were told to walk (in the heat, with our cases) to the building that houses the office. It was quite a panic when both the ground floor and 2nd floor offices were closed and no information was visible. We walked back to the ship and a helpful security guy who spoke some English told us we needed to find the shuttle bus which would take us to the Sunday office. This turned out to be an unmarked Portacabin about 1km from the ship. Thankfully we saw the shuttle bus (nice and air-conditioned) coming off the ship and were able to get everything sorted. It was a stressful 45 minutes and we just wish we had had more information ahead of time. Once on board, the staff and facilities were really nice. We decided to rent a cabin which we were able to do at the boat Reception and this enabled us to store our luggage securely (there isn't anywhere else to do this) as well as have a snooze and use the powerful, hot shower. Leaving Catania with Etna towering above it was special and arriving in Valetta at night was too. People in Malta were surprised we didn't take the faster catamaran. But we loved our 'slow boat to Malta' and - especially now we know how things work in Catania - we would do it again.

    'Andrew' travelled by Ferry to Valletta with Grimaldi Lines

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  • "Nice boat"

    The boat was nice with many and comfortable seats. Friendly staff and good experience overall. But the price is too high for a 2hour ferry trip.

    'Anonymous' travelled by Ferry to Valletta with Virtu Ferries

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  • "Passengers are not Sheep"

    The ferry was great and it's a lovely journey, but treatment of foot passengers at pozzallo is appalling. Herded into pens in the middle of the parking lot and left there for an hour, with no toilets, shelter or water.

    'Richard' travelled by Ferry to Valletta with Virtu Ferries

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  • "Very pleasant crossing disputes rough sea"

    The crossing from pozzalo to Valletta was easy . It had been very rough earlier but calmed down for our crossing . Comfortable in club class . Had some tea and a sandwich . Slept for a bit the boat went from side to side and up and down but not bad at all .

    'Betty' travelled by Ferry to Valletta with Virtu Ferries

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