Compare ferries from Turkey to Dodecanese Islands

There are numerous ferry crossings operating from Turkey to Dodecanese Islands. Ferries currently connect 5 ports in Turkey with 6 ports in Dodecanese Islands.

There are a combined number of 93 ferry crossings each week across a selection of 9 Ferry Routes which are operated by 4 ferry companies including Dodecanese Flying Dolphins, Sea Dreams, Bodrum Express & Dentur Avrasya with the shortest crossing taking around 20 minutes (Kas to Kastelorizo).

This is a general summary of the services on offer between Turkey and Dodecanese Islands, for live information select from our Fare Search.

Turkey Dodecanese Islands Ferry Map

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About Turkey:

Turkey is a country bordering both Southeast Europe and Western Asia, with coastlines facing the Black Sea to the north, Mediterranean to the south and the Aegean to the west.

Given its location between the two continents, Turkey has long been admired for its diverse cultural heritage, helping it become one of the most visited countries in the world. Examples of the country’s exciting history are commonplace, most notably in the majestic mosques of Istanbul and the captivating ruins of Ephesus.

Its natural scenery varies enormously, too, from sandy beaches on the west coast to massive mountains in the east, offering a wide range of outdoor activities if you want to escape the bustling bazaars in the cities.

Turkey has a number of ports along its coast and, due to the amount of islands in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, it offers numerous ferry crossings to a wide range of international destinations, as well as domestic routes from Istanbul across the Sea of Marmara.

About Dodecanese Islands:

The Dodecanese Islands in the Southeastern Aegean Sea is a group of 12 large islands and numerous smaller ones, located close to the West coast of Turkey, in the sunniest corner of Greece.

The islands boast crystal clear waters, sandy or pebbly beaches, Byzantine and medieval monuments and unique traditional settlements. Its historical capital Rhodes not only offers beautiful beaches, its also a magnificent old city full of beautifully preserved medieval treasure.