Compare ferries from Japan to Hokkaido

There are numerous ferry crossings operating from Japan to Hokkaido. Ferries currently connect 5 ports in Japan with 3 ports in Hokkaido.

There are a combined number of 43 ferry crossings each week across a selection of 6 Ferry Routes which are operated by 2 ferry companies including MOL Ferry & Shin Nihonkai Ferry with the shortest crossing taking around 10 hours 30 minutes (Akita to Tomakomai Higashi).

This is a general summary of the services on offer between Japan and Hokkaido, for live information select from our Fare Search.

Japan Hokkaido Ferry Map

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About Japan:

Japan is an island country in East Asia, divided into 47 prefectures and 8 regions in the Pacific Ocean.

With over 6,000 islands in total, Japan is defined by many different landscapes ranging from cherry blossom-clad hills and iconic volcanoes to ultra-modern cities showcasing the latest technological advances.

Tokyo, the capital, claims the most Michelin stars of any city in the world, so an exquisite sushi feast is never too far away. It also boasts a superb transportation system, an endless amount of bars and awe-inspiring structures, helping it become one of the most visited cities in Asia.

Travelling by ferry is a useful way to get around Japan, as it offers a substantial amount of routes within its many islands and prefectures, which are all operated by a wide range of excellent ferry operators. You can also sail to numerous international destinations including South Korea, China and Russia.