Eastern Dream

Operated by DBS Cruise Ferry

DBS Cruise Ferry’s Eastern Dream provides the perfect way to travel between Japan, South Korea and Russia. Your long haul ferry journey will feel like part of the holiday and not just a means of starting and ending it due to the amount of facilities on board. The ship’s capacity is 530 passengers with a variety of cabin options to suit all who travel.

Whilst aboard the Eastern Dream you’ll be treated to a great selection of local and international culinary options, Duty Free shopping, a sauna, a nightclub, bar and karaoke booths, as well as the stunning sea vistas.

Onboard Cabins / Reserved Seating

The Eastern Dream has accommodation options for all tastes and all budgets, ranging from the President Room to Economy class and much more in between. In total, there are 530 beds on board spread across 49 private and communal rooms. This includes the President Suite, Royal Suite, Junior Suite, First Class, Second Class and Economy Class.

Onboard Food and Drink

The restaurant provides a delicious blend of fresh seafood and Korean, Chinese and Japanese buffet options, all prepared by the resident chefs. There are breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, meaning your catered for throughout the trip.

Fancy a drink whilst travelling? You can both start and end your journey at the on board night club. Enjoy the atmosphere under the lights and music with your favourite tipple in hand. A spacious bar is also available, here you’ll find live music and a wide selection of beverages.

Onboard Shopping

Take advantage of the better than high street prices in the Duty Free shop. Here you can purchase a variety of alcohol, jewellery and cosmetics from well known, big name brands. If you are just after some snacks or other necessities then the convenience store is place to go.

Additional Onboard Facilities

If karaoke is your thing, you are in luck. There are private booths for hire with room for up to 10 people to sing the journey away.

A long ferry ride can be a daunting thought but there’s no need to fret. Relax and relieve your tired muscles in Hinoki wood saunas. It’s the perfect space to rejuvenate yourself whilst en route to your final destination.

Please Note: Whilst we have taken great care in making our Eastern Dream guide as accurate as possible, onboard facilities, services and entertainment may vary depending on the date and time of year that you travel, facilities mentioned may change without notification and ferry companies reserve the right to operate vessels other than those mentioned at time of booking without prior notification.

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Onboard Eastern Dream

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