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Ferries to Campbell Island

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Ferries to Campbell Island

Campbell is a small Canadian island within the province of British Columbia, found on the western seaboard. Located between Denny Island and Hunter Island, it lies within the Milbanke Sound, halfway between Vancouver Island and the Haida Gwaii archipelago.

Bella Bella, the island’s main settlement, is populated by the indigenous Heiltsuk people and is recognised as an Indian Reserve. Much like many communities in British Columbia, Bella Bella is located on an important maritime transportation route known as the Inside Passage, linking the Canadian province with Alaska, USA.

This makes it a prominent transportation hub for the coast of British Columbia. With a population of 1,400, it’s the largest town on the Central Coast, north of Queen Charlotte Strait, and the biggest of the 23 Heiltsuk reserves.

Containing just over 360 homes, the town’s amenities include a community hall, three schools, a day care centre and two churches. Since its establishment, the primary source of income has been forestry and seasonal fishing of shellfish, herring and salmon. Arguably the most popular pastime is, aside from fishing, basketball, with an all year-round playing season and top quality court constructed within the community hall.

Outside of Bella Bella, the quintessential British Columbian countryside offers much in the way of outdoor pursuits, particularly whale watching. Trees aged thousands of years give way to glacier-fed streams and lakes, allowing kayaking, hiking, mountain biking and swimming, depending on the time of year. Perfect for families, the numerous camping spots provide the most idyllic way of soaking up the Campbell Island culture.

Given its position on the Inside Passage, ferries to Campbell Island come from multiple towns on the Central Coast of British Columbia. Lasting only a few hours, ferry connections from Klemtu to the north and Port Hardy to the south depart twice a week, representing some of the most scenic routes you’re likely to take in Canada. Also, long-haul sailings from Prince Rupert on Kaien Island links Campbell Island with the northern Central Coast.

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