Sorry, the Bojden - Fynshav service is no longer available.

Ferries to Bojden - Fynshav

The Bojden - Fynshav service was operated by AlsFærgen, BornholmerFærgen & Scandlines.

The Bojden - Fynshav route is no longer running and there are currently no direct alternative ferry services between Denmark and Denmark either. Please browse our route, port, destination or ferry company pages to see if there is an alternative option or follow the links on this page for further information.

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Average Bojden Fynshav Prices

Prices shown represent the average one way price paid by our customers. The most common booking on the Bojden Fynshav route is a car and 2 passengers.

Bojden Guide

Located on the Danish island of Funen is the small town and port of Bojden. The port is home to a number of small commercial fishing boats and some pleasure craft. The town's locals can usually be found socialising in the area around the port.

Funen island is the second largest island in Denmark and lies between the island of Zealand and Jutland, the Danish mainland. The island is sometimes called Denmark's garden island in recognition of its rolling hills, orchards, hedgerows and thatched, half-timbered houses.

Bojden is connected to the island of Als by a couple of small car ferries that run every hour during the day. The crossing takes around 45 minutes and is a convenient shortcut for those travelling to Germany from the island of Fyn. Onboard, the ferry has a small cafeteria where you can buy food and drinks during the crossing and the ride is one of the more scenic ferry rides in Denmark.

Fynshav Guide

The Danish town of Fynshav is located on the island of Als and lies on the Baltic Sea coast, to the east of the Jutland Peninsular. The area surrounding the town is mainly hilly and supports a wide range of flora and fauna and is a popular destination for nature lovers. The mild climate in Fynshav, and the surrounding area, has helped exotic plants grow which can't be found anywhere else in Denmark.

The island of Als is located to the east of the Jutland Peninsular and to the north of Schleswig on the German coast. The island has a land area of around 320 sq. km and a population in the region of 50,000 people. To the south of the island is Flensborg Fjord, to the north and east are the waters of the Little Belt, and to the west is Als Fjord and Als Strait.

Ferries operating from the town's port depart to Bojden on the west coast of Funen and makes it possible to take a shortcut from Funen to South Jutland and Germany without needing to drive across the Little Belt Bridge. ferries depart every second hour, on the hour although during the day in the summer the departures are hourly.