Sorry, the Baiona - Cies Islands service is no longer available.

Ferries to Baiona - Cies Islands

The Baiona - Cies Islands service was operated by Mar de Ons & Naviera Nabia.

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Baiona Guide

The Port of Baiona is located in the province of Porteverda, a coastal town in the mountainous northwest corner of Spain. The area is rich in history and is typified by the turreted towers of Monterreal Castle, a 16th century residence in the town. Baiona is a vastly popular holiday destination for those yearning to explore the labyrinth of downtown streets and the charming coastline walks that follow the thread of crenellated walls along the coast.

The harbour is easily accessible from a number of handy transport routes. Just half an hour along the east coast is the major city of Vigo, the largest in the Porteverda region. You can travel from Vigo to Baiona along the AG-57 dual carriageway by car or on the buses that regularly venture down the route.

The port itself is found in the north of the town. The ferry terminal is sandwiched between two crowded marinas on a pier that stretches into the warm waters of a natural Atlantic Ocean bay. There are daily sailings from Baiona to the nearby Cies Islands. The journey is short, with the trip to the rugged shores of the islands taking less just forty minutes. Two ferry services currently operate with both Naviera Nabia and Mar de Ons sailing the route.

Cies Islands Guide

The Cies Islands comprise a trio of Spanish gems boasting some of the finest beaches in Galicia, lying a short ferry ride from the port town of Vigo. Sailings to the archipelago usually take around 40-45 minutes, running up to four times daily, making them a popular daytrip destination.

Pristine and vehicle-free, the Cies Islands represent one of the best choices for nature-lovers looking for a slice of untouched Spain. Whiling the days away on immaculate sandy beaches is the biggest draw, with the crescent-shaped Praia das Rodas stretching for one glorious kilometre.

Tired of sunbathing? Challenge yourself and the family along one of the many hiking trails, the most popular being the Ruta Monte Faro. This route displays the very best scenery the Cies Islands have to offer, also taking you atop the most breath-taking viewing points.