Alicante Ferry

Alicante ferry port in Spain is served by a number of ferry routes with crossings to Algiers & Oran available. With a selection of up to 5 Sailings Weekly, the port of Alicante connects Spain with Algeria.

Sailing durations range from 13 hours to 13 hours on Algiers ferries.

Although there is a brief summary on this page, as sailing information can vary based on time of year we’d advise you to get live sailing times and prices in our Alicante fare search.


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Alicante Ferry Alternatives

Alicante Ferry Services

  • Algerie Ferries
    • 1 Sailing Weekly 13 hr
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  • Algerie Ferries
    • 4 Sailings Weekly 13 hr
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Alicante Guide

Alicante is a port city in Costa Blanca on the south coast of Spain, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The ferry port is used as the gateway to Africa, more specifically Algeria, with crossings to Oran, Mostaganem and Algiers on the Algerian north coast.

What is there to do in Alicante?

The sandy beaches, cheap bars and myriad hotels have become a haven for Brits in the summer months, descending onto Alicante in the hope for a temporary tan and a few evenings to enjoy the frenetic nightlife. However, contrary to popular belief, Alicante is more than just a hub of drunken holidaymakers – if you were to explore beyond the complexes of hotels and restaurants you’d discover a tapestry of interesting landmarks and historical architecture. After exploring the waterfront and town squares, the debauched reputation will seem increasingly gratuitous.

In spite of the grand buildings and sanguine cafes, it would be a shame to visit Alicante and not take advantage of the beautiful beaches; San Juan Beach is the standout in a sea of options, offering a peaceful atmosphere amid a plethora of excursions. The perfect place to lay down your towel, grab a refreshing drink and watch the sea mix into the horizon.

How do you get around Alicante?

Most areas will be within walking distance and if not, taxis are readily available all over the city.

How To Get To Alicante Ferry Port

  • Alicante Ferry Port by Car

    Alicante is situated on the south eastern side of the Spanish coast. Once you are in the vicinity of the city the port is well sign posted. From Madrid you can take either the A-3 or the A-31 to Alicante, from Valencia either the A-7 or the AP-7 heading South to Alicante and from Murcia the A-7 heading North to Alicante.

  • Alicante Accommodation

    If you’re looking to spend a night at or near Alicante Ferry port before or after your trip or if you are looking for accommodation for your entire stay, please visit our Alicante Accommodation page for the best accommodation prices and one of the largest selections available online!