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date7 Sailings Weekly
clock3 hour 45 minute crossing
date7 Sailings Weekly
clock5 hour 30 minute crossing
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"Good travel!!!"

Reviewed 03 September 2014 by Sergio

All perfect, very good experience....

'Sergio' travelled Le Havre Portsmouth with DFDS Seaways on Norman Voyager

"ferry annoyed"

Reviewed 26 August 2014 by Anonymous

on returning to portsmouth i was luckey to be at the front when loading so we managed to get a reclining seat which was good soon they all filled up everyone settled down to reading sleeping relaxing.then wow the shouting screaming startedfrom the play area right behind the seating people began moving away for soom peace and soon we had to move leaving the seating area empty people were sat in the dining area with a coffee for the whole trip wont be on your ferry again thanks

'Anonymous' travelled Le Havre Portsmouth with DFDS Seaways on Norman Voyager

"Worst Ferry Ride Ever"

Reviewed 25 August 2014 by Greg

Apparently the boat was defective before we even set out, I'm told it had a broken stabilizer and one of the engines wasn't working. I think I can speak for everyone aboard when I say this was the worst experience of all of our collective lives. And I've been bedside on multiple occasions to watch people that I love die. The boat rocked violently for the entirety of the 4+ hour ride. We all thought it was going to capsize and, to be honest, there were plenty of times that I wished it would've. At least the English Channel wouldn't be completely covered in vomit like the boat was. I would compare the experience "Titanic" but there wasn't nearly enough puking in that movie for it to accurately capture what we went through. The staff, who I genuinely sympathize with, had to slide through the cabin (often falling over in the process) disposing of used vomit bags and replacing them with new ones. Even still, they couldn't keep up and the floor was covered in vomit, blood, and broken glass. At one point they asked any doctors or nurses to come to the back of the boat. I never found out what that was about, but I have to just assume that someone, or multiple people, died of either cardiac arrest, choking on vomit, or suicide. After the "ride" mercifully came to an end no apology was given, nor was an offer for a refund or even a voucher...not that anyone aboard would dare use Brittany Ferries again. No one, under any circumstances, should ever use Brittany Ferries again. If there's a hell for ferry companies, I look forward to Brittany Ferries riding the Normandie Express all the way there.

'Greg' travelled Le Havre Portsmouth with Brittany Ferries on Normandie Express

"Maybe Only Once"

Reviewed 24 August 2014 by Anonymous

I have nothing bad to say about the ship itself or her crew. They were friendly and courteous, from the men moving the cars onto the ferry, to the crew on deck. The food was decent, if bland for my taste, and plentiful. Prices on board weren't as bad as I feared. The ship departed and arrived promptly, and the ferry service was fast and efficient. It was a rough crossing, very choppy, and for some mysterious reason many of the toilet stalls were locked. This led, later in the voyage, to vomit being left unflushed in the toilets that *were* open. Vomit in the seats, too, that the poor crew were trying desperately to clean up quickly, rubber gloves and all. The men's toilets began to reek when you passed. Thank goodness I'm female. My main complaint is about the passengers. For some reason Brits seem to feel that their children should be allowed to run amok in the lounges, even though there was a play area with a film showing. Despite it being a rough crossing, by the fourth hour of the 5-hour voyage, there were children running up and down the staircases, sliding down the bannisters, and horsing around in front of the gift shop, with nary a parent in view. There didn't seem to be any crew members to monitor the children (or their parents) and get them off the stair rails. I must stress, the water was very rough, the ship was bucking and rolling, and people were letting kids as young as four or five muck about on the stairs while this was happening. I kept hoping one of them would fall off and hurt himself slightly so the parents would pay attention. So, in a nutshell. Ship? Good. Crew? Good. Facilities? As much as can be expected on a ferry. More open toilet stalls would have been a good idea considering how rough the seas were. The passengers? It's understandable that Brits have such a poor reputation overseas. Their lack of attendance to their kids was shameful. And dangerous. So next time, maybe I'll make the long drive back up to Calais and take the Chunnel instead.

'Anonymous' travelled Le Havre Portsmouth with DFDS Seaways on Seven Sisters

Le Havre to Portsmouth Ferry

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Le Havre Portsmouth Ferry Guide

The Le Havre Portsmouth ferry route connects France with England and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Brittany Ferries service runs up to 7 times per week with a sailing duration of around 3 hours 45 minutes while the DFDS Seaways service runs up to 7 times per week with a duration from 5 hours 30 minutes.

So that’s a combined 14 sailings on offer per week on the Le Havre Portsmouth route between France and England. Compare now and get the best fare at the time that you want to travel.

Le Havre to Portsmouth Ferry Alternatives

Caen - Portsmouth with Brittany Ferries - 14 Sailings Weekly / 5 hour 45 minute crossing
Cherbourg - Poole with Brittany Ferries - 6 Sailings Weekly / 4 hour 15 minute crossing
Cherbourg - Portsmouth with Brittany Ferries - 7 Sailings Weekly / 3 hour crossing
Cherbourg - Portsmouth with Condor Ferries - 1 Sailing Weekly / 5 hour crossing
Dieppe - Newhaven with DFDS Seaways - 14 Sailings Weekly / 4 hour crossing
Roscoff - Plymouth with Brittany Ferries - 8 Sailings Weekly / 5 hour 15 minute crossing
St Malo - Portsmouth with Brittany Ferries - 5 Sailings Weekly / 8 hour 50 minute crossing
St Malo - Plymouth with Brittany Ferries - 1 Sailing Weekly / 12 hour 30 minute crossing
St Malo - Weymouth with Condor Ferries - 7 Sailings Weekly / 6 hour crossing
St Malo - Poole with Condor Ferries - 8 Sailings Weekly / 8 hour crossing
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