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Brittany Ferries offer a wide selection of ferry routes to Western France and Northern Spain as well as a ferry service between France and Ireland.

When you sail with Brittany Ferries your destination port is more than just a port. Each of their destinations possesses its own character and is normally full of life with great places to shop, drink and eat.

Brittany Ferries offer a service which is centred on their luxury cruise ferries, which means your holiday starts the minute you step on board the ship.

The entertainment is varied and the food is French cuisine which of course has a great reputation. You can also shop in the many boutiques, or relax in your accommodation, which they have tried to make as comfortable and luxurious as they can.

On longer trips such as between England and Spain the cabin that you get can make a massive difference. Getting a cabin allows you privacy during the day along with a place to keep your belongings safe and by night provides you with a comfortable place to sleep.

Brittany Ferries also operate a no-frills service called Brittany Ferries économie on the Portsmouth Le Havre and Santander routes. The économie service is ideal for those who wish to travel to France or Spain at a very reasonable fare without either the cruise-style experience provided on other ships or the speed afforded by Normandie Express. Brittany Ferries économie uses the Etretat ferry.

View Brittany Ferries timetables, prices and book Brittany Ferries ferry tickets with Looking for an alternative route or ferry company to fit your plans? Don’t worry, we’ll also compare Brittany Ferries with alternative ferry companies in your search to help you choose.

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Brittany Ferries customer reviews

  • "Bon Voyage "

    Everything went very smoothly. There were no delays. The loading and unloading went without a hitch. The ship was clean and well appointed. The staff were friendly and helpful. It was a great way to travel back to the UK. Very relaxed.

    'Paul' travelled with Brittany Ferries on Pont Aven

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  • "Great journey"

    I took a ferry from Portsmouth to Cherburgh and back having a car on board. Boarding was quick and easy, loading cars was amazingly organised and handled well. Staff were helpful and ferry left on time.

    'Heli' travelled with Brittany Ferries on Normandie Express/Commodore Clipper

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  • "Excellent Journey 27th one or two gliches"

    The outward crossing was very rough, but we managed to get some sleep. Facilities were really very good both ways. The riches were getting loaded up at both ends. On both occasions we were first in the first 2queues but almost last on. It was really annoying to see cars of the same class as ours ( 4 wd) rolling up late and boarding before us! On the outward crossing we were first to check in, first in a queue. Got through security ok. Then shunted to one side past the loading ramp whilst everyone else boarded and we were lastvehicle on.!! No explanation at all. If we didn't have a cabin, we would have been at the end of long queues for all the facilities. Almost the same, but not quite as bad on the return journey. Even so other vehicles even of the same make were waved through before us despite us being first to check in. NO GOOD

    'Brian' travelled with Brittany Ferries on Normandie

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  • "Cherbourg to Portsmouth 20th June 2015"

    We normally "do" The Tunnel but because of on-going problems at the French side opted for the "Cat", well, all we can say is FANTASTIC!. 3 hours of comfortable travelling, it was a smooth crossing so don't know what it would be like in rough seas. Only comment I would make "is don't lock your car as the noise on the semi open car deck kept setting the alarms off and the noise of 100 car alarms going off is, well, deafening! However that hasn't put us off doing it again. The check in was fine, boarding uncomplicated, staff very helpful etc. Not a great deal to do, shop, bar, snack bar, childrens area but plenty enough for a short crossing. Very comfy seating with loads of leg room, quite frankly I can't think of anything we didn't like!

    'Graham' travelled with Brittany Ferries on Normandie Express

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