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Ferries to Andros

Andros is the largest yet least densely populated island in the Bahamas. Known locally as ‘The Big Yard’, it boasts 2300 square miles of unexplored, beautiful backcountry.

Politically considered a singular landmass, it actually comprises three major islands called North Andros, Mangrove Cay and South Andros, alongside hundreds of islets and cays connected by mangrove estuaries.

Andros is a haven for divers and snorkelers, with the third largest barrier reef and the highest concentration of oceanic trenches, known as ‘blue holes’, in the world. ‘The Tongue of the Ocean’ is the most famous hole, reaching 2,000 metres deep in the northern section.

The barrier reef stretches 190 miles along the east coast and offers some of the finest angling locations in the Bahamas. It is regarded as the bonefish capital of the world, a premiere gamefish found alongside Dorado, tuna, wahoo, sailfish and many more species.

Andros is also home to the largest national park system in the country. The five parks make up 1.4 million acres, including pine forests, crab habitats and feeding areas for the rare West Indian Flamingo.

During the late 1600s, the Bahamas were frequently visited by pirates and privateers. On Andros, there is a cave believed to hold the hidden treasure buried by Sir Henry Morgan, an infamous 17th Century pirate, who the popular ‘Captain Morgan’s’ rum is named after.

There is a ferry crossing every week to Fresh Creek in Andros Town from Nassau on New Providence. The journey lasts around three hours and is operated by Bahamas Ferries, who provides high-speed, luxury vessels.

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