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The ferry port of Larne connects Northern Ireland with Scotland with ferry services operated by P&O Irish Sea.

There is a choice of up to 9 sailings per day from Larne with the shortest crossing taking around 2 hours.

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Larne Ferry Alternatives

Larne Ferry Services

  • P&O Irish Sea
    • 14 Sailings Weekly 2 hr 15 min
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  • P&O Irish Sea
    • 7 Sailings Daily 2 hr
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Larne Guide

The name of the town is believed to have derived from the Irish Prince, Lathar who owned the lands around Larne in ancient times. The area became known as Lathar-na, and was finally shortened to Larne. Both fossils and prehistoric human artefacts have been found in the sea cliffs. Larne was one of the earliest Viking settlements in Ireland, who also called it "Ulfreksfjord" (the name of the present-day townland, "Olderfleet", is derived from this Viking name), and Viking burial sites have been discovered in the area. Norse pirates used Larne Lough as a base in the tenth and eleventh centuries; Edward Bruce, brother of Robert, landed here in 1315 with a force of six thousand men to urge the Irish to overthrow the English; and in 1914, the Ulster Volunteers, opposed to the Irish Home Rule Bill, landed German arms here.

Today, Larne is a busy market town.

How To Get To Larne Ferry Port

  • Larne Ferry Port by Car

    Larne Ferry port is approximately a 25 minutes drive North of Belfast.

    From Belfast: Take the M2 Motorway north staying in Lane 2 (of 5) or (if overtaking), lane 3 (of 5). After about a mile, you will pas under two flyovers, which are an overhead interchange. Follow the motorway for a further 1/2 mile and you will notice that it appears to split into three.
    To your left is a tight left turning slip road, to Greencastle; straight ahead are the two lanes of the M2 which actually turn to the left before rising uphill and the two lanes to the right become the M3 and follow the shoreline of Belfast Lough. It is crucial that at this point you are in lane 2 or 3. Follow the motorway up the hill for about 3 miles (5km), and after it levels out, you will be aware of a slip road to your left which will take you to Larne via the A8 (M).
    Leave the M2 at this point and on the off-slip get into the right hand lane as you are approaching a roundabout type junction. As you travel around the roundabout, you will pass under a flyover - that is the Motorway. Take the next exit from the roundabout and travel uphill and then down to another roundabout. Go straight ahead at this roundabout and follow this road until you reach Larne. As you reach Larne you will become aware of good sign posting towards the ferry port.

  • Larne Ferry Port by Train

    The Port of Larne is connected via Belfast central station to the Northern Ireland Railway network that serves all parts of Ireland.

  • Larne Ferry Port by Bus

    There is a regular bus service to the ferry terminal operated by Ulster bus. For more information please call +353 2827 2345

  • Larne Ferry Port Parking

    There are short and long term car parking facilities.

  • Larne Ferry Port Address

    Larne Harbour, Larne, County Antrim, BT40 1AW

  • Larne Accommodation

    If you’re looking to spend a night at or near Larne Ferry port before or after your trip or if you are looking for accommodation for your entire stay, please visit our Larne Accommodation page for the best accommodation prices and one of the largest selections available online!