Lane Sea Lines

LANE Sea Lines is a Greek ferry company which originated in Crete, 1994, currently sailing to the Ionian Islands and port cities on the mainland including Piraeus, Kalamata and Gythion.

The company was created by locals of the Lasithi region of Crete in order to compete with the well-established ferry operators serving the west coast at the time. Five years later, half of the business was purchased by ANEK Lines in exchange for the large vessel, Lerapetra, which is still in use today.

LANE Sea Lines operates two ferries, the second of which is named Vitsentzos Kornaros. Both can carry over a thousand passengers and boast a wide range of facilities including restaurants, cafes and a disco for your on-board entertainment. As for accommodation, the vessels offer a large choice of luxurious cabins and roughly four hundred beds each.

To make your journey with LANE Sea Lines even easier, Vitsentzos Kornaros can hold almost three hundred cars, while Lerapetra has the capacity for over a hundred more.

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