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About Gran Canaria:

Gran Canaria is an island of the Spanish archipelago the Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the Northwestern coast of Africa.

Due to the different climates and a variety of landscapes found on the island, its sometimes referred to as a “Miniature Continent”, its long beaches and dunes of white sand contrasting with green ravines and picturesque villages, whilst a third of the island is declared as a Biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

About Portugal:

Portugal is a country in South-Western Europe and shares the Iberian peninsula with Spain at the Western tip of Europe.

With a mild climate, 3000 hours of sunshine a year and 850 km of splendid beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is the perfect holiday destination all year round. As one of the top 20 most visited countries in the world, Portugal attracts an average of 13 million visitors per year, with its capital city Lisbon as a tourist hotspot.