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"Effortless "

Reviewed 02 July 2014 by Anonymous

I took some nervous and worried parents to Paris on the euro tunnel and it's actually quicker and more effortless than taking the ferry which I did a lone a week before. It's such good value and even better in comforts. Only thing I wish they had was a better lounge arose or shopping area a little closer to the terminal. A cup of British tea before setting off would have been the icing on the cake!

'Anonymous' travelled with Eurotunnel, Folkestone Calais on Le Shuttle

"Stress free"

Reviewed 01 July 2014 by Jane

We returned on our motorbike from Calais on the train. We arrived at check in earlier than our booked time and was offered an earlier time which was nice. After passport control we were directed straight onto the train ( no waiting around). It was a hot day so there was bottled water provided in the carriages which was a nice touch. All in all, a stress free experience.

'Jane' travelled with Eurotunnel, Calais Folkestone on Le Shuttle

"Simply the best"

Reviewed 01 July 2014 by Colin

I have been doing this crossing for 40 years. This service is simple, slick and reliable. A great way to start any holiday

'Colin' travelled with Eurotunnel, Folkestone Calais on Le Shuttle

"Too Easy"

Reviewed 30 June 2014 by John

Most easy! Helpful staff, number plate recognition, left on time, got there on time. What's not to like? Coming back, we were early but were given the option of an earlier shuttle which involved no oncost. I would recommend this way of crossing the Channel to anyone, especially those nervous of ships! We didn't even SEE the sea!!

'John' travelled with Eurotunnel, Folkestone Calais on Le Shuttle

Eurotunnel is the car train service running between Folkestone and Calais via the channel tunnel.

Find out what it's like onboard the Eurotunnel by visiting our Le Shuttle page.

The fastest method of crossing the channel with your car, the Eurotunnel train travels between the UK and France in just 35 minutes. Eurotunnel crossings are frequent, with up to 3 departures an hour at peak times and with no fuel supplements or luggage restrictions, choosing Eurotunnel is choosing the hassle free way to travel.

The UK Eurotunnel terminal is based near Folkestone with a dedicated motorway exit at junction 11A of the M20. In France, the terminal is based just outside Calais off junction 42 of the A16 motorway.


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