Eurotunnel is the car train service running between Folkestone and Calais via the channel tunnel.

The fastest method of crossing the channel with your car, the Eurotunnel train travels between the UK and France in just 35 minutes. Eurotunnel crossings are frequent, with up to 3 departures an hour at peak times and with no fuel supplements or luggage restrictions, choosing Eurotunnel is choosing the hassle free way to travel.

The UK Eurotunnel terminal is based near Folkestone with a dedicated motorway exit at junction 11A of the M20. In France, the terminal is based just outside Calais off junction 42 of the A16 motorway.

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Eurotunnel customer reviews

  • "Day trip"

    Excellant on time everything is laid on very smooth and relaxing looking forward to next trip.

    'Thomas' travelled with Eurotunnel on Le Shuttle

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  • "Good services from A to Z"

    We enjoyed our passage with Eurotunnel and the reasonable price with Direct Ferries..

    'Bekir' travelled with Eurotunnel on Le Shuttle

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  • "Traveling from Calais to Folkstone by car and train"

    The train did only take 30 minutes. The check in with car license recognition was easy. I did not have to show any document but my passport at passport control. The boarding had been well organized thanks to al the announcements and displays. It is a pity that the train cost twice as much as the ferry. One remark: Upon arriving at Calais, there is a last curve where cars must leave the highway and move into the car lane and trucks must go into the truck lane. There was one truck blocking the lane for the cars at that curve. He clearly stood in the wrong lane. And because the actual lane of the trucks did not move at all, that truck in the wrong lane did not move either. So we, the cars behind that truck and many more were waiting for nothing, Actually, the car lane after that truck was totally free. But we could not see that. We saw that some cars were also moving at the very last moment in to the car lane (just after the truck) and that seemed to work. So we left the car lane again and drove to the end of the curve and we could also move into the car lane again, right after that truck and from there we had free way to the check in. I don't know how many cars have been waiting for nothing or even did miss their check in time due to this situation. But Ithink that eurotunnel can organize/controll this traffic point in a better way.

    'Theodorus' travelled with Eurotunnel on Le Shuttle

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  • "wonderfull experience"

    If you don't have ever done it then just do it

    'Pierre' travelled with Eurotunnel on Le Shuttle

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