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Reviewed 04 August 2014 by Keith

Absolutely fabulous. We were no sooner on than we were off again. Will not be using the ferry again but will definitely book euro tunnel.

'Keith' travelled with Eurotunnel on Le Shuttle

"Great experience"

Reviewed 21 July 2014 by Tina

We were very happy with our first Eurotunnel experience and would definitely recommend it. Everything was very smooth from booking the trip to arriving and getting on the train to arriving in Calais. I was impressed with the car registration auto identification system that even allows you to go on an earlier train if you are there earlier than expected. Two thumbs up!

'Tina' travelled with Eurotunnel on Le Shuttle

"Quick trip"

Reviewed 19 July 2014 by Michael

Easy to follow embarkation system, efficient service thanks.

'Michael' travelled with Eurotunnel on Le Shuttle

"Le Shuttle V Easy and more flexible"

Reviewed 11 July 2014 by Andrew

prices now seem much more competitive than taking a boat. Certainly more flexible in case you turn up early or late there is a 2 hr window in which there is no charge to take a different time (as long as there is space). compare that to the boats where they will squeeze you for an extra charge. Direct Ferries website is useful since you can see at a glance what the comparisons are between boat or Shuttle. You are free to choose either but remember we all need a little flexibility since this is usually just a small part of a 500km+ journey. Check-in is a doddle since there is a camera which recocgnises yr plate at the gate so immediately knows yr name and yr booking.

'Andrew' travelled with Eurotunnel on Le Shuttle

Eurotunnel is the car train service running between Folkestone and Calais via the channel tunnel.

Find out what it's like onboard the Eurotunnel by visiting our Le Shuttle page.

The fastest method of crossing the channel with your car, the Eurotunnel train travels between the UK and France in just 35 minutes. Eurotunnel crossings are frequent, with up to 3 departures an hour at peak times and with no fuel supplements or luggage restrictions, choosing Eurotunnel is choosing the hassle free way to travel.

The UK Eurotunnel terminal is based near Folkestone with a dedicated motorway exit at junction 11A of the M20. In France, the terminal is based just outside Calais off junction 42 of the A16 motorway.


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