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The ferry port of Dover connects England with France with ferry services operated by DFDS Seaways, P&O Ferries & MyFerryLink.

There is a choice of up to 30 sailings per day from Dover with the shortest crossing taking around 1 hour 30 minutes.

Use our guide on this page for some quick information or get live Dover sailing times and prices in our fare search.

Dover Ferry Alternatives

How to book a Dover Ferry

When you search for your Dover Ferry ticket travelling either to or from England at directferries.co.uk we’ll compare numerous sailings in one go as well as on any suitable alternative ferry routes that you may have overlooked or didn’t know about.

By comparing Dover sailing schedules and prices with other ports, not just in England but on any suitable alternative ferry service you are virtually guaranteed to find the best route at the lowest ferry price!

To get started, just enter your details into the Dover ferry 'Fare Search' and you’re almost there. Commercial/freight ticket? Visit our Dover Freight Ferry page.

Dover Port Map

Dover Ferry Services

Dover to Calais with DFDS Seaways, P&O Ferries & MyFerryLink
Crossing Duration10 Sailings Daily
Sailing Schedules 1 hour 30 minute crossing
DFDS Seaways
Crossing Duration7 Sailings Weekly
Sailing Schedules 1 hour 30 minute crossing
P&O Ferries
Crossing Duration8 Sailings Daily
Sailing Schedules 1 hour 30 minute crossing
Dover to Dunkirk with DFDS Seaways
Crossing Duration11 Sailings Daily
Sailing Schedules 2 hour crossing
DFDS Seaways
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