Smyril Line

Smyril Line is a Faroese ferry company running services that link the Faroe Islands with the neighbouring countries of Denmark, to the southeast, and Iceland, to the northwest, across the North Sea and North Atlantic.

International passenger, car and freight services have been operated since 1983, aboard the modern, multi-purpose vessel MV Norrona. Replacing the Swedish-built ferry named Gustav Vasa, Norrona is one of the newest ships on the North Atlantic, taking in approximately 1,482 passengers and 800 cars, with an excellent selection of on-board entertainment including restaurants, whale watching spots and tax-free shops.

Linking Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland the whole year round, Smyril Line is a well-reputed operator and was listed among the top 3 passenger transport shipping companies in the 2012 Danish Travel Awards. More than that, the convenient timetable allows you to explore each destination with ease; you can stay a few nights on the beautiful Faroe Islands either on your way to, or back from, the stunning island nation of Iceland.

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