MyFerryLink operated crossings on the popular Dover Calais route prior to their closure in July 2015 using the ferries previously owned and operated by Seafrance.

Sailing under the French flag, MyFerryLink catered for both freight and passenger vehicles with their fleet of modern ferries - Rodin and Berlioz, and provided a relaxing way to start your journey across the channel.

MyFerryLink was owned and run by the staff on board the ships - all members of a workers’ co-operative (SCOP) - operating the company’s sailings between Britain and France.

Following numerous legal battles with competitors during their three year operation which ultimately ended in their favour, the ship owner – Eurotunnel, announced that they would no longer be leasing the ships to MyFerryLink resulting in the end of the service.

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Onboard MyFerryLink

MyFerryLink customer reviews

  • "Perfect"

    My trip with MyFerryLink was pleasant, quiet - I had time to relax in the midst of a long drive and onboard services (catering and shops) were highly appreciated.

    'Anonymous' travelled with MyFerryLink on Rodin

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  • "Great service"

    Everything ran to schedule, ship was clean and tidy, staff were helpful and friendly.

    'Fredrick' travelled with MyFerryLink on Berlioz/Rodin

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  • "Great choice"

    Great service. Booked a few times already and never had any troubles with.

    'Marcin' travelled with MyFerryLink on Berlioz

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  • "dover-calais"

    Easy to book, comfortable ship, better food than on other recent crossings with other companies.

    'Jonathan' travelled with MyFerryLink on Rodin

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