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"Ferry crossing"

Reviewed 19 July 2014 by Eileen

This was really good, the ferries both ways were clean and well organised and everything ran to time

'Eileen' travelled with MyFerryLink, Dover Calais on Rodin

"Happy Trip"

Reviewed 17 July 2014 by Christopher

We were very impressed with My Ferry, and will certainly use them again,Hassle free,good crossing, no problems at all

'Christopher' travelled with MyFerryLink, Calais Dover on Rodin

"Highly recommended!"

Reviewed 16 July 2014 by Anonymous

MyFerryLink ferries are always on time.

'Anonymous' travelled with MyFerryLink, Dover Calais on Rodin

"Quite efficient"

Reviewed 15 July 2014 by Charlie

The crossing was on time and embarcation and docking were efficiently handled. The crew were friendly and, as they were mostly French, the food in the cafeteria is good. My only complaint is that two out of the three men's toilets that I could find were closed for most of the voyage, resulting in queues on the one that was open. In all, I was glad that I switched from the channel tunnel, which was having problems on the day I travelled.

'Charlie' travelled with MyFerryLink, Dover Calais on Rodin

MyFerryLink operates on the popular Dover Calais route using the ferries previously owned and operated by Seafrance.

Find out what it’s like onboard when you travel with MyFerryLink from the ship pages listed below:
Sailing under the French flag, MyFerryLink offer a service for both freight and passenger vehicles with their fleet of modern ferries and promise a spacious and relaxing way to start your journey to the continent.

MyFerryLink is owned and run by the staff on board the ships - all members of a workers’ co-operative (SCOP) - operating the company’s sailings between Britain and France. Because the MyFerryLink crew have a stake in the business it goes without saying that they have all the more reason to go the extra mile for their passengers.

Direct Ferries provides a ferry timetable and price comparison, based on your search criteria, allowing you to compare MyFerryLink products with multiple ferry company timetables and fares in one search. Compare MyFerryLink timetables and prices now with all alternative ferry operators before booking your ferry ticket to ensure you get the best option for your ferry trip.


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8 Sailings Daily
1 hour 30 minute crossing
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