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Ferries to Gijon

LD Lines Saint Nazaire to Gijon
Crossing Duration 3 Sailings Weekly
Sailing Schedules 15 hour crossing
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"St Nazaire to Gijon and Gijon to Poole"

Reviewed 05 September 2014 by Anonymous

The St Nazaire to Gijon trip was fine and everything worked well for us. Very polite and helpful staff. Breakfast time could have been earlier for us. The Gijon to Poole trip was too long for us (24hrs) and the swell in the Bay of Biscay made it a rough journey which would have been more stable and comfortable in a larger boat. Sorry, but this wasn't a pleasant experience for us but we were just unlucky with the sea conditions which spoilt the trip.

'Anonymous' travelled by Ferry to Gijon with LD Lines on Norman Atlantic

"LD Lines"

Reviewed 22 August 2014 by Anonymous

I enjoy ferries, but sadly what was advertised was not exactly what was available. As a child travelling to Ireland the ships would have a cinema, duty-free shop and lots of other facilities. On LD Lines to Gijon, the DVD room was a TV and DVD player in the corner of the lounge bar. The child area was a three-foot wide section of the bar with pens, paper and some sponge lego-shaped mats underneath a small table. The food was OVER priced - bring your own. Bar staff were often worked 24 hours whilst others seemed to be standing around whilst bins etc. needed to be emptied on the decks. The cleanliness was superb (obviously down to the army of cleaners who board the boat when it docks). The room was sufficient - simple, but clean and comfortable (bit like a budget hotel). For 25 hours, activities were very quickly exhausted - sit on deck, sit in the lounge bar (reading), eat, walk on deck, read some more,,,,,, etc. I love travelling by sea, but my fellow travelers were bored very quickly and vowed, "Never again!"

'Anonymous' travelled by Ferry to Gijon with LD Lines on Norman Asturias

"Travel experience LD Lines Poole to Gijon ferry"

Reviewed 25 July 2014 by Richard

The trip was easy to book through and was almost half the price of some the rival companies running ferries to Santander. The trip was excellent. Staff of lD lines were very friendly and helpful. The cabins were extremely clean and air conditioned. The Norman Asturias is not a large ferry but contains all the required comforts. A good bar, an area for viewing films, a bistro, a small children's play area and a small shop. Bistro food was fine and not too expensive. My only criticism would be that the credit card machine did not work on the journey back. All in all though a very comfotable and enjoyable trip, great atmosphere on the ship (not as crowded as larger boats)and comes highly recommended, especially at the price.

'Richard' travelled by Ferry to Gijon with LD Lines on Norman Asturias

"Ferry to Spain"

Reviewed 20 July 2014 by theoldmanonabike

Excellent ferry cheaper than their rivals only grip I have was the return timing getting into Poole at midnight.

'theoldmanonabike' travelled by Ferry to Gijon with LD Lines on Norman Asturias

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